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All Male Romance…Author of the Week

I’m author of the week at All Male Romance and I wanted to link to it, here.
They’ve re-posted something I wrote here on this blog a few weeks ago, about “Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street,” my new Amazon release, and my experiences with self-publishing so far.

I also get into a few of the reasons why I decided to self-publish on Amazon. People seem curious about this whenever an author who has worked with publishers does it. I’ve been as honest as I could get.

What I didn’t mention in the post is how challenging…and how difficult…it’s been. For example, I wanted to release JSoDS last week. I’d been hoping for an early June release. But we’ve been in edits all this time and I didn’t feel comfortable about releasing it until I knew it was ready. In fact, all in all, editing took almost as long as writing the book did.

So if you’re planning to get into self-publishing, be prepared to become a little compulsive for a while. It’s a great experience, and it trains you to look at things differently. I thought I’d edited books before I submitted them to publishers. Trust me, that editing was nothing compared to the editing I’ve done with the Amazon KDP books.

And the first day the book is released I’ll be buying it myself, and downloading it to multiple e-reading devices, including the iPhone, to make sure it looks good when readers purchase it.