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Jane Litte/Jen Frederick Links; Sexy Gay Book Nerds; Photos of Sexy Men

Jane Litte/Jen Frederick Links

This is one of those times I remain objective because I don’t have all the information and I don’t post anything unless I’m absolutely certain I do have all the information. I know I’m only a small, humble blogger, but I don’t think that’s an excuse for me…or a huge publication like Rolling Stone. 

With that said, I once posted about a web site that focuses on Internet bullying, here.  I’ve also posted about blogger, Jane Litte of Dear Author, and a recent disclosure she made, here.  It’s a complicated matter and there have been many opinions posted about it. Most recently, the blog that focuses on Internet bullying wrote a long post about Jane/Jen that discusses Jane/Jen’s disclosure “situation” more in-depth.

It’s so in-depth, and so loaded with information and allegations, I’m only going to link to it.

In the body of that blog post, there’s an alleged sample of the kind of erotic romance Jane/Jen writes…or allegedly once posted on a blog tour. That’s a sample you don’t want to miss.

Attribution: The photo above is not Jane/Jen. It’s in the public domain and there’s no attribution necessary.

Sexy Gay Book Nerds

This is one of those articles that’s really kind of basic when it comes to reading recommendations. Basic in the sense that it’s so generic you have to wonder if the author of the article did any research whatsoever.

Spring break is just around the corner, which means you’re going to need a good book to devour while dallying by the poolside. (Just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, fellas!) Not only is reading a fun way to pass the time and exercise the imagination, but it’s also an excellent way to attract the attention of cute guys, since everyone agrees that reading is totally sexy.

If you are not an avid reader, I think the list is fine. If you are an avid reader and this is all you are going to read, I would have to wonder how you define avid. While gay men are usually the first to follow almost every trend there is…many times setting the trends themselves…I’m always amazed at how many gay men don’t even know there’s been a revolution in publishing and know even less about e-books, digital first books, and the many authors writing fresh, new LGBT content. And, it’s global.

Although I do openly promote my own books here on the blog, I’m not going to be cheesy and do that right now. Instead, here’s a link LGBT reviewer Elisa Rolle’s blog with a list of the most recent winners of the Rainbow Awards. I was a juror and this is only a general recommendation. I’m not promoting anyone in particular. It’s just something to introduce you to new LGBT books.

Here’s the link to the article. As I said, it’s basic and if you read nothing at all but these books you’re doing just fine. At least you’re reading something. Just know, and understand, there’s a whole new world out there in reading and in books with LGBT content. And, you can carry your entire library with you wherever you go now on your phone…for half (or less) the cost of a print book in most cases.

Photos of Sexy Men

I like this post because it celebrates all kinds of sexy men, not just the targeted brand we see all the time in photos that always make me wonder if Oprah’s photo shop guy did them. Seriously. Oprah is 60 years old and all photos of her make her look as if she’s 30? There’s something fundamentally wrong with that.

In any event, I love these and what they say about body image.

Summer (a.k.a. swimsuit season) is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start laying off the potato chips and hitting Zumba class again. If you want to fit back into your old speedo, that is.

Losing weight sucks. We’ll be the first to admit it. It requires hard work, discipline, and lots and lots of patience, and even then it can be literally impossible to shed those last 10 pounds. (Yes, literally! Science says!)

You can see the photos here. I can’t post them for copyright reasons.

And the comments. Oh, those comments.

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