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An Author Bullied; Simon Cowell Drops James Arthur

An Author Bullied

I’ve always remained objective with the bully issue and I always will. But I came across a post today that left my jaw hanging and my heart weeping because it was so emotional. I don’t know the author; I’ve never read her work. So even in this case I can remain objective…to a certain extent. She wrote a post that basically states she’s quit writing for good because of the stress, and a lot of the stress that has been caused by the bullying she’s seen. I normally wouldn’t post something like this because I don’t like to call attention to anyone going through any kind of pain. But I think that it’s so emotional and so honest it should be read by as many people as possible. Although this is the first time I’ve seen anything like this in a post, it’s not the first time I’ve seen an author do the same thing in private.

When I started out, I wasn’t sure of my goals. I thought I was ready to publish and start sharing. However, it’s been awful. Sure, there are bad reviews, but that isn’t the reason. Everyone has bad reviews and my good ones outweigh the bad so I cannot pretend that was a factor. The utter cruelty, harassment, and sabotage associated with some of those “reviewers” and their minions has played a role, though. I survived bullying for too many years in high school, but I simply am not strong enough to survive it again. That’s not the only reason, but it didn’t help. As they sit back, thrilled with the destruction they wrought, maybe someone will feel a sliver of shame or regret. However, like my dreams, my hopes are also often futile.

The post continues, and not always on the negative side. You can read the rest here.

I wish her well.

And I hope in time she’s able to rethink her situation and go back to doing what she loves.

Simon Cowell Drops James Arthur

James Arthur, who won X Factor in the UK, was recently dropped from Simon Cowell’s label.

 Arthur’s new rap mixtape, All The World’s A Stage, is due for release later this month, but has landed the singer in hot water due to some of the lyrics which seem to glamorize terrorism and drugs.

In Follow The Leader, Arthur raps: ‘Look at what you do to me, I’m crying over stupid shit/ You’re such a fucking homophobe, wish I’d never let you in/ To think that I was thinking maybe I should let you live/ I’m gonna blow up your family like I’m a terrorist.’

Evidently, all this has placed Arthur in the middle of his own self-imposed shitstorm.

He defended himself with this:

Arthur tweeted: ‘The song ‘follow the leader from the mixtape is not promoting terrorism, it’s a story, a reciting of a Stan Esc letter from a demented fan.’

It’s important to note that Arthur also received backlash from the LGBTI community for something else he did with homophobic slurs. THAT link it interesting, trust me.

I think Cowell may be right this time:

Cowell recently commented that the star should have ‘shut up and just put the records out’.

The rest is here.