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Self Publishing: Purpose of a Book Signing

Though I’ve never self-published anything of mine, I do admire the tenacity of those who do self-publish their books. And when I read this article in The Self-Publishing Review, I decided to share it with those of you who are self-publishing your own books. It deals with author book signings and getting the book into the community through storefront exposure. I’m not an expert in this field. I can, however, add a few tips to those who are self-publishing and looking to get exposure by doing book signings.

I think it’s important to know the markets, especially these days. And if a new self-published author thinks he or she is going to sell books by sitting in a book store, they may be sadly mistaken. People in the author’s community tend to be more critical than anyone else. And these people won’t mention this to the author, they will murmur behind the author’s back. I’ve seen it done more than once in my own community, when authors have tried to promote their self-published books. And this is the kind of criticism an author doesn’t want. Aside from that, instead of trying to promote print books in bookstores that are hanging on by a thin strand of thread these days, it might be wiser for the author to start promoting a digital version of the book online. Online communication is cheap, it’s effective, and it sells books these days far better than any book signing by an unknown author. And the target market for self-published digital books seems to be higher than the print market.

In other words, if you are self-publishing take the time to learn your market well. Don’t listen to me or anyone else. Things are changing daily in publishing and what used to work a few years ago isn’t working now.

Other than that, self-publishing can be a rough road. But I admire those who do it and I’ve often thought about doing myself.