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My Own Personal Thoughts On Self-Publishing

Though I’ve never self-published anything myself, I’ve been watching other authors do this for a while now. I’ve even read and posted about a few self-published books in the past two years, trying to help support and promote the authors because I loved the books. I meet these authors everywhere, from social networks to personal blogs, and if I like what I read in the cover copy, I’ll usually buy the books and check them out.

Ten years ago I would never have recommended self-publishing to anyone. It was expensive and you had to worry about everything from hiring an editor to distribution. But the world was different back then and digital publishing was something print publishers, editors, and literary agents laughed at. Actually, a friend of mine who is a literary agent told me three years ago that digital books were only a half a per cent of the market and they’d never be anything more than that. This was right about the time I started submitting little things to e-publishers. I had a feeling digital books and e-readers would become more popular and I’m glad I didn’t take his advice that time. He’s usually right about everything. But this time, along with most of the publishing industry (who are now scratching and clawing to get those digital rights), he was sooo wrong.

With the advent of digital books, self-publishing has become a viable option for authors who aren’t willing to submit to the requirements of publishers. And now I’m lumping all publishers together this time, including print and e-publishers. Because e-publishers are now reaching the point of saturation as far as author submissions go. I’m hearing more and more that excellent authors are being rejected by e-publishers simply because the e-publishers have too many submissions already and they can’t take on any new authors.

So, many of these authors are getting into self-publishing their work and they are seeing good results. In some cases, better results than with publishers. Where this will all lead I haven’t a clue. But I do know that if the opportunities for self-publishing had been around when I was first starting out twenty years ago I would have taken advantage of them just out of curiosity.