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Australia’s Next Step Toward Legal Same Sex Marriage; Bad Boy Billionaire Series by Ryan Field; The Revealing Photo Of James Franco’s Instagram

Australia’s Next Step Toward legal Same Sex Marriage

Contrary to what you might have seen on Zuckerberg’s Facebook today, same sex marriage in Australia is NOT legal yet. And I think it’s important to point that out. Otherwise we’re doing a huge disservice to LGBT+ people in Australia. The fight for same sex marriage in Australia has been a long, complicated, difficult battle and it’s still NOT over yet.

I think this article explains things clearly.

The fundamental change is simple enough: removing the declaration, inserted in 2004 under John Howard, that marriage in Australia is the union of “a man and a woman” (although, as just one indicator of how bitter this fight could be, some conservatives want to retain that definition and add a separate clause stating marriage can also be the union of “two people”).

The fact that the national postal survey came in so positive, with more than 60% in support, is a huge bonus. That should be celebrated far and wide. But there’s still more work to do.

You can read it all in detail here. 

Bad Boy Billionaire Series by Ryan Field

I’ve been working hard, in between my regular works in progress, to release all of my previous Ravenous Romance titles. So here are the books from the Bad Boy Billionaire series, with links to Smashwords.

They’ll be up on Amazon soon, too. I liked writing these books, and I think a lot of them got lost when the publisher started to pull back on romance books in general. I’m just glad all the rights were reverted to me. Ravenous Romance was very easy to work with in that sense and we all parted friends. One of my favorite characters of all time is in The Vegas Shark. I love writing him so much I never forgot him.

Bad Boy Billionaires: The Ivy Rake –
Bad Boy Billionaires: Wall Street Shark –
Bad Boy Billionaires: Cowboy in Love –
Bad Boy Billionaires: The Actor Learning to Love  –

Bad Boy Billionaires Series –

The Revealing Photo of James Franco’s Instagram

I haven’t been following this one, and I never followed Franco on Instagram. In fact, I agree with Franco about Instagram.

In any event, this is all about a photo that Franco once posted on Instagram, and then took down.

“There was some photo I did. I wasn’t naked. I’m sure Rihanna has posted a bunch more risque photos. It was just the attitude of the photo. It was sweaty. My hand was in my boxers. It just looked gross.”

After he took the photo down, he closed his account for good. Some of you will love the reason why, and some of you won’t get it. Not everyone is supposed to “get” everything.

You can read it all here. 

Altered Parts

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care