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Austin Armacost’s Post Coitus Selfie; Was Perez Hilton Bullied?; A Dad and His Homophobic Daughter; Beach Rats Erotic Gay Romance

Austin Armacost’s Post Coitus Selfie

Armacost was a house guest on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. He’s well known for his shirtless, naked selfies. But this is original…because he posted this selfie “post coitus.”

Unsurprisingly the image has gone viral with over 6,500 followers. One user writing: “Sexy man.” It was followed by a long, long list of emojis including the peach and fire.

Here’s the link, with a photo. I predict, one day, this period in history will go down as the naked selfie era and we will laugh about it more than we ever laughed about the mullet. 

Was Perez Hilton Bullied?

This article is a little confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with Twitter. They can do anything they want on web sites like Twitter and Facebook, and that includes taking down accounts for various reasons. And it’s usually not even something personal.

In a YouTube video posted yesterday, Hilton rants that Swift and her record label lobbied to get him suspended from Twitter. It all started when he reposted an article about the tracklist for Swift’s latest album.

Here’s the rest. No comment from me. But there are plenty of comments with this article. 

A Dad and His Homophobic Daughter

This guy’s daughter told him she’s not watching a TV show anymore because one little boy has a crush on another little boy. And this dad is thrilled about it. 

Now I don’t really have a problem with gay folks, and have several gay friends and have offered them my full support with marriage and whatever because this is a free country where people should be allowed to pursue their own happiness, regardless of how abnormal it may be,  long as it doesn’t affect me or others, and I have never pushed any ‘anti-gay’ stuff on any of my kids, but it was an extremely proud moment for me that my 10 year old daughter is able to recognize on her own the way the media pushes the gay agenda on our children.”

Here’s the rest. I don’t see how the media was pushing anything here. 

Beach Rats Erotic Gay Drama

Here’s something that I think is a sign of future entertainment for everyone, especially as cable TV becomes less and less popular and more people stream.  This is about an erotic gay drama that’s being streamed through sites like iTunes. 

Set in Coney Island, the movie centers around Frankie (played by model-turned-actor Harris Dickinson), a closeted teen who compulsively cruises gay hookup sites. The performance, according to Daily Beast, was “one of the most grueling, sensual, and captivating star turns at Sundance. And certainly one of the most enticingly naked.”

There’s more here. I’ll probably watch this one.

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