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Anderson Cooper: Andy Cohen Tops; Aussie Micro Penis; Biggest Visible Penis Line (VPL)

Anderson Cooper: Andy Cohen Tops

In a recent interview Anderson Cooper revealed, in a way, that Andy Cohen is a top, not a bottom.

Anderson: I know a lot of secrets about Andy, but I guess the one that would surprise people the most is that he’s a top.

Andy: Why, you think people think I’m a bottom?

Kelly: I don’t.

Anderson: Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m just saying, I think that would surprise people — I don’t know this from personal experience, but from conversations you and I have had.

I don’t know if that’s also a revelation from Cooper that he’s a bottom, but a person could read between the lines.

Why is this significant and why should we care? Well, it’s not and we shouldn’t. I just thought it was interesting to see this discussed on TV in such a casual manner. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.

You can read more here and watch a video.

Kelly’s expression is priceless, and she also mentions there might be people at home who don’t know what that means.

She’s right.

As always, the comment thread is very amusing. Most don’t believe it. They think Cohen is lying like most bottoms tend to do. I tend to agree.

And just like every “top” on Grindr, Lies.   All lies.  


Aussie Micro Penis

There’s a guy from Australia with a “micro” penis who wants to mortgage his home to get a bigger one. First, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a “micro” penis and what I’m imagining is interesting. Second, I didn’t know they could make them bigger.

“My penis is basically infant-sized,” “Mike” told ninemsn. “Pre-surgery, I was two to three centimeters (1 inch) flaccid and I’m now four centimeters (1.5 inches). My erection is probably around seven centimeters (2.75 inches).”

“It has prevented me from doing or experiencing a lot of things. I haven’t experienced proper relationships. I found it difficult to talk to girls. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 24 when I had a girlfriend for three months.” 

Because of this he suffers from depressive disorders, and he would gladly trade a few IQ points to gain a few more inches.

You can read about that here. There’s a photo of him and he has a great body.

Frankly, I’m not sure why he just didn’t go to kickstarter for a bigger dick. He might even get a new house while he’s at it.

Biggest Visible Penis Line (VPL)

For a guy with the exact opposite problem, the penis issue continues. This time it’s about a guy with such a big one it actually moves when he walks. He’s wearing skinny jeans so he’s obviously not trying to hide it. I shared a video of this on social media earlier this week but for those who haven’t seen it I thought it was worth posting about.

21-year-old Jamie’s massive bulge was the breaking news during BBC’s report on immigration!

Check out the Vine clip:

You can watch the video of the big one here. I’ll bet you can’t just watch it once.

I learned something new, too, in the comment thread. It’s very educational.

That is not a bulge. It’s a VPL – Visable Penis Line.

 A bulge is when there is a visible portion of tension in clothing at the crotch, caused by the dick and balls.

A VPL is only the outline of the penis through clothing, typically down the leg or across the hip, indicating length, shape, and/or size of the penis; this may include an outline of the head of this penis, but not always.

There you are.

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