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Trevor Donovan Bermuda Tentacles; Anderson Cooper Twitter Attack; Gay Hating Russian Actor….Again

Trevor Donovan Bermuda Tentacles

Last Saturday night we watched two films. It’s the first Saturday night we’d been home in a while, and might be the last for a while. So we rented a film and watched one on the SyFy channel. The rented film was August: Osage County, with Meryl Streep. The TV movie was Bermuda Tentacles with Trevor Donovan.

Both were good, but A:OC was dark. Literally darkly shot and dark in content. DARK. At one point I wanted someone to hit Meryl Streep’s character over the head with a two by four. I can’t say anything terrible about it because it targeted many family issues. But some of it felt contrived and not all that believable. If you’re looking for something with an HEA, this is not the film for you. Julia Roberts also stars in it and unless you know it’s her you might not recognize her. Part of this is because the film is so dark, and I think part has to do with a little cosmetic work she may or may not have had done.

Now, Bermuda Tentacles with Trevor Donovan probably won’t win any awards because, you know, Hollywood works a certain way. The film has to be dark and, well, “artistical” for anyone to get praise. However, I loved BT and I wish I’d watched it after I’d seen A:OC. BT, which we watched first, was just plain fun and took me away from everything for a while. And sometimes that’s what films are supposed to do.

Bermuda Tentacles going to be airing again in May. For those who missed it here’s a link to the times in May it will be on. If you like lighter sci-fi films you’ll like this. And I know many of you are Trevor Donovan fans, and he won’t disappoint you either.

Anderson Cooper Twitter Attack

A Canadian broadcaster, Damian Goddard, went after Anderson Cooper for being gay. It happened on Twitter, and looks as if Goddard was trying to goad Cooper into an online flamewar. Cooper, knowing that online flamewars don’t help anything, replied with strong, intelligent words…but in a clever way.

However, soon after Goddard saw this as a chance to attack both of the men for being gay, insisting he would be praying for them.

 ‘@andersoncooper @flash2gordon Mr. Cooper, you seem a good man with a warm heart. But you are dead wrong on #homosexuality. #prayingforyou’ he said.

Nonplussed Cooper replied mocking Goddard’s Twitter picture. ‘@heydamo with that tie and pocket square combo I am praying for you too my friend’ he wrote.

You can read more here.

Sometimes it’s a lot smarter to go Cooper’s route than it is to spar with an idiot. I learned that when I started writing my worst food photos posts. No one’s perfect. And I think if someone throws the first punch they should be prepared for anything.

Gay Hating Russian Actor…Again

Remember that gay hating Russian actor I posted about, the one who wanted to have gays sent to ovens? Well, he’s back in the news again and this time the dumb fucker wants to eradicate gays from Russia completely. Frankly, I’d like to eradicate the hair color he uses and those ugly red glasses he wears. THAT shit should be against the law.

‘There is no other way to combat the plague of Sodom other than physical isolation or destruction of carriers of the virus’ he wrote.

‘Therefore, the proposal to create ‘morality police’ from one MP seemed relevant to me.

 ‘Let the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially create a force unit, whose task would be to capture and neutralize the adherents of this biological heresy, leading to self-destruction of the nation. I would be pleased to participate in the punitive operations of the unit myself.

 ‘Otherwise, some of us are at risk of finding one day their child in the noose, because suicide is the most common way of children with crippled psyche to interrupt their mental anguish.

‘In short: it’s either they [defeat] us or we [defeat] them. There is no alternative. Sodom must be destroyed!’ he concluded.

The gay hate in Russia continues in other ways, too. I think we should send Johnny Weir back.  He didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with supporting the Russian Olympics.

You can read more here.