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Anilingus; Dearauthor New Look; London Gay Mayor Dead


I’m working without power today, thanks to an ice storm that covered about ten inches of snow from Monday so please excuse any minor errors in this post. Ice and electric wires don’t mix well, and blogging from an iPad isn’t easy. But I have been wanting to post about this since last week. Anilingus, more commonly known as rimming, was recently talked about in an article I linked to in a post with regard to gay men. But according to these links below anilingus is NOT limited to gay men. In fact, I know plenty of gay men who don’t do this and would rather give up sex altogether if they were required to do it. Of course if this is what you’re into that’s fine. More power to you. But not every gay man alive is, including me.

This is from wiki. Notice the photo is two WOMEN, not two gay men. Thank you, wiki.

  It is also referred to as anal–oral contact and anal–oral sex, or colloquially as rimming, and may be performed by or on people of any sexual orientation for personal pleasure or as a form of erotic humiliation.

This next link does mention gay men, but also women. I’m not posting an excerpt. It’s NSFW. But you can guess.

And here is a link to a forum that gets into straight couples who practice anilingus.

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 yrs now and he has been rimming me for as long as we have been together. I love to get rimmed while he has always said that he just liked to do it but, didn’t want it done to him. Which was perfect because the thought of me rimming someone just makes want to vomit.

The point here is that anilingus is not limited to gay men and if you think it is and you don’t believe the links above just do a simple search and you’ll find even more information. Web Design

In a less than perfect transition that has nothing to do with licking ass, or ass-anything in general, has a new look and a brand new layout. For those who don’t know, is a romance book review web site with quasi professional publishing articles/posts written by people who are not actually working in the publishing industry. But you can get some interesting information there sometimes, from a reader POV, and the articles/posts are accurate (usually) and backed up with links. The writing is often rough, but not impossible to get through.

Even though the old design was easier to read, the new design isn’t as difficult to read as some blogs I’ve seen where bloggers tend to focus more on look than practicality. In other words, in an attempt to remain fresh/different/unique (Ugh!) they often go too far. They like pink and they think people want to read pink print on a dark pink background. It’s been proven that most people prefer to read black (or dark) print on a white background, and web sites that are plain and simple. I read and write on the computer all day long and sometimes I’m seeing double at the end of the day. So if a web site is too self-indulgent and the design too extravagant I usually don’t even attempt to read it. And it has nothing to do with my personal taste and all to do with the fact that it’s just too hard to deal with. I would imagine this happens to a lot of people and they don’t even realize it. There’s a reason why Huff Po and other large commercial sites are in black and white. Nothing is taken for granted.

In any event, you can check that out here if you are so inclined.

London Gay Mayor Dead

Lambeth Mayor Mark Bennett was gay and a strong advocate of gay rights in the UK. He passed away recently at the age of 44 from what they suspect was a heart attack. Praises for Bennett have not stopped, including one from Tony Blair:

Tony Blair, former Labour Prime Minister, described him as an ‘intelligent, immensely hard-working and above all, a warm and generous spirit who was a pleasure to be around’.

Bennett, assistant to Alistair Campbell for the first four years of Blair’s government from 1997 to 2001, also paid tribute.

You can read more here, where there’s a photo of Bennett.

Very sad, and a good reminder about how short life is and how we should all be using that proverbial good china as often as we can.