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Asking for Money on Facebook

I posted this today on facebook:

I’m curious about this. No opinion here. I’ve just seen this a lot lately on facebook.

Is asking for money on facebook for personal reasons, like to help push a career in the arts forward, a good thing, a bad thing, or just something that shouldn’t be taken seriously?

I wanted to see how other people would respond. And I was surprised to see that every single person who left a comment said that if people were asking for money on facebook that was going to charity it was fine. But they all agreed that asking for money on facebook for personal reasons it just downright tacky. And tacky was the word they used.

To take this one step higher, without mentioning names, I’ve been seeing a lot of this on facebook. There’s a young entertainer in New York who has been having a facebook fundraiser in order to make enough money to produce a new CD. He’s very aggressive about this and he doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with doing it. While I’m sure it’s legit and he’s honest about his goal, I’m not so sure how people are going to receive his requests. From what I’m seeing, most people are offended.

He’s cute; he has raw talent. But where do we draw the line?