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Peter Pan Live Is Gay; Overdone Gay Porn Setups; Penis Size: Does It Matter?

Peter Pan Live Is Gay

I didn’t see this on TV, but I didn’t think I’d ever see the tweets about it stop on Thursday night. Peter Pan Live, the musical, was done live on TV the same way they did The Sound of Music. I didn’t see that either. I guess I should turn in my gay card because musical comedy has always passed me by. I just don’t get the draw. But I know many who do love it.

In any event, this article claims it was “It Was So Light in the Loafers It Floated to Neverland.” It’s kind of homophobic, as far as articles go. But in a laugh with us sort of way, not laugh at us. I think there’s a difference.

Short of Divine playing the role of Peter, we aren’t sure Peter Pan could get any gayer than last night’s live telecast. Unfortunately, that ended up being our favorite aspect of the very long, very tedious show.

I haven’t read any other reviews that can dispute this. Actually, most are worse.

You can see photos here. What amazes me is that with absolutely nothing good on TV to watch, no one in Hollywood can come up with a viable solution. Can’t wait until they bring West Side Story to TV…no one said ever.

Overdone Gay Porn Setups

This talks about the top ten most overused setups in gay porn. The cliched scenes that never seem to end…which is why I think so many prefer amateur porn to staged porn. Frankly, I’ll never get the POV scenes. Who can watch a close up of THAT for an hour?

You could say we’re all experts on some level in the gay adult film industry — we can’t be the only ones who’ve been doing diligent research over the years.

But it’s safe to say that Randy Blue knows even more. They do produce the stuff, after all.

There’s a video you can watch, here.  It will make you laugh and the guys are cute. And don’t miss the comment thread.

Penis Size: Does It Matter?

This next link will lead to a video where a question and answer session was set up with gay men living in New York City. It’s called “Impulse Group NYC” and the series of videos is called  something like Ask and Tell. Not worth remembering.

Five men living in New York City sit down to share their personal opinions about the issues that affect them. This week’s topic: Sex.

The guys answer questions ranging from “What’s your favorite thing about sex?”, “Does size matter?” and more. Some of their answers may surprise you.

The video series aims to open up dialogue surrounding safer-sex to New York City’s thriving gay community.

There’s a video with this one, too. You can get there from here.  It’s hard to comment on this one, other than I think it should be retitled “Ask the Most Effeminate Bottoms and Tell.” In other words, you’re not going to get the best example of a cross section of the gay community. We’re talking Fey with a capital F. And I know for a fact that’s not representative of all the gay men in NY.

Don’t slam me. You know you’re all thinking the same thing, too. And at least one comment agrees with me:

“Keeping it real,” I would have liked to hear from a masculine gay, top, black man!

Me, too.

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