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Frankie Grande Defends Ariana; Chuck Homes Helped Bill Clinton and Gays; When Parents Find Out Kids Are Gay

Frankie Grande Defends Ariana

In what’s been dubbed “doughnut-gate,” teen pop singer, Ariana Grande, licked and spit on doughnuts with a friend at a small privately owned doughnut shop, it was caught on security camera, and she used a few pejorative terms about America. It caused an Internet firestorm, and then she apologized in a way that left many wondering if she knows what the definition of an apology is. …The best apologies come without excuses.

And now her openly gay brother, Frankie Grande, who is famous for mainly being gay and outrageous, is defending her. It’s a Twitter soap opera drama of our era.

“U made a mistake & r being JUDGED very HARSHLY for it but ur doing the right thing in the face of it & I’m so proud,” the YouTube sensation wrote on his Twitter on July 9. He also tweeted, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her. #WeForgiveYouAriana.”

I don’t know what to add to that.

The rest is here. 

Chuck Holmes Helped Bill Clinton and Gays

Here’s an interesting article about gay porn producer, Chuck Holmes, and how he helped shape gay culture. It’s an interview with filmmaker, Mike Stabile, who did a film about Chuck Holmes. It gives a unique perspective about how gay porn helped gay men years ago, and also gets into a multitude of topics related to gay porn.

I’ve never been judgmental about anything in the adult entertainment industry, and I do think Holmes did many great things. However, my problem with this article is it’s leading people to believe he was a huge part of getting Bill Clinton elected as President, which somehow has something to do with equal rights. Maybe I missed something important.

Chuck was initially an outsider but his wealth and power opened a lot of powerful doors for him. He was even photographed with the Clintons. Did they know who he was? Did Chuck have political influence?

Some did and some didn’t. Chuck was often in the closet about where his wealth came from, and for many in politics it was an open secret. But it certainly came back to bite him.

You can read the rest here. Aside from the Clinton clickbait, it’s actually a very good interview that talks about a part of gay history.

When Parents Find Out Kids Are Gay

Here’s another one of those meme things that I like so much. It shows how parents react when they find out their kids are gay. I can’t share them here because I worry about copyrights, but it’s easy clickbait and the site is very user friendly. I’m not in love with the new ads they started doing, but they aren’t the worst out there…and it is free content.

What did your parents say when you came out?

It’s amazing how pivotal a moment it is to finally share your true self with the people who brought you into the world, and their reaction can either affirm faith in love or cause serious emotional bruising.

You can check out the memes here. 

Most are encouraging, but some are like this.

I’m not happy with the fact that my son is gay. But at least I am trying to accept it. 

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