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Free E-book On "A Sign From Heaven Above"

Who: Me

What: I’m offering a free e-book. $0.00 “A Sign From Heaven Above.” (Photo to the right)

When: For a week.

Where: On Allromanceebooks, at this link.

Why: Because I love the way Allromance offers promotions all year to readers, and I like their product descriptions even more. And because it’s winter, it’s dreary, and we all can’t be in exotic places with palm trees and beaches covered with white sand.


Although Ricky has been living in his new home in the Hollywood Hills for a few months, he hasn’t had a chance to meet his new neighbor. All Ricky knows about him is that he’s young, attractive, and seems to live a fast life. This doesn’t bother Ricky much because he’s not looking to meet anyone at this time in his life. Ricky is forty years old and the reason he moved to the West Coast was because his partner of twenty years passed away suddenly and he’s still grieving.

Then one afternoon when he least expects it, Ricky meets his neighbor in a very unusual situation and finds him as smart and funny as he is attractive. Ricky likes him so much he invites him to dinner and they talk about Ricky’s love of horses, riding, and his Amish background. But when it comes time to get more intimate, Ricky’s not sure he wants to proceed. He feels guilty, as if he’s cheating on his deceased partner, and he silently prays for a sign from heaven to tell him he’s doing the right thing.

I Guess I’ve Been Banned, and for No Valid Reason: "Skater Boy"

Before I get into this, I’d like to clarify that I have never written anything with underage characters, bestiality, incest, or any of the other things/topics that have been banned because of the recent PayPal issue. I’ve heard PayPay is not the blame, and I’m not pointing any fingers at them now. But I’ve been banned for no good reason and I’m not happy right now. It’s one thing to be censored for a reason, it’s a completely different issue to be censored for no good reason.

My publisher informed me my story, Skater Boy, has been banned on ARe. And I do, indeed, take offense to having a book banned on ARe or anywhere else…censored…that doesn’t contain anything that’s considered part of the taboo list. The term “Skater Boy” is widely used in the gay male community as a type of guy who wears baggy jeans, funky hats, and tends to be rough around the edges.

But, I assure you, there are no underage characters in this short book. I don’t judge those authors who decide to do things like this, but I’ve never done it and never will do it. In fact, the main character, Jared, the guy referred to as a the Skater Boy, is only a quasi skater boy. He’s in his twenties and is clearly a consenting adult. This is one of the tamer stories I’ve written.

To add to this, the original version of this story was published in an anthology by Cleis Press in a book, get this, titled “Skater Boys.” I didn’t come up with that title. The editor at Cleis did. I just released a newer revised version of my story with as a digital short story because I didn’t sign an exclusive with Cleis, and I wanted to change the story and see how the story would do on its own. The original title of my story in the anthology was “In This Our Day.” Interesting how they failed to check this out before they banned the book.

What infuriates me more than any form of censorship is when the censorship isn’t even accurate. The only reason why this book is being targeted is because the word “boy” is in the title. It has nothing to do with content or what’s part of the banned list of topics.

Here’s the blurb for Skater Boy, and I defy anyone to find a hint of underage content in this story.

When Bradley Klinger (a consenting adult, not a minor) moves from the city to a small town in the mountains of upstate New York, the last thing he expects to find is a hot young skater boy named Jared who never stops flirting with him. They meet in the small restaurant Jared (Jared owns a restaurant; he’s clearly over the age of twenty-one ) owns, thanks to Jared’s sixty year old partner in New York with whom he shares an open, sexless relationship. Though Jared is kept by the older man in every sense of the word, from his Bentley Continental to his small restaurant in the mountains, Jared doesn’t waste any time getting to know Bradley much better. And though Jared is the kind of young skater boy, in baggy, low-hanging jeans and loose T-shirts, Bradley has always dreamed about, Bradley is concerned the age difference between them might be too vast. (The age difference is between two consenting adults, not an adult and minor) But Jared doesn’t stop pursuing Bradley, to the point where he actually follows Bradley home one night on his skate board.

I’d really like someone to clarify why this book has been banned. I’ve also let my publisher know she can change the title to “Skater” if she wants to. I hate to buckle to that kind of censorship, but if one word is going to hurt the publisher I’d rather concede. And I hope ARe and other retail web sites that sell digital books are paying closer attention to the books they are banning. This is an implication and a reflection on me as an author, and the kind of fiction I write, and I’m not fond of being targeted and placed in a category for no reason at all.

(update: Here’s a direct quote from the book about the character referred to as “skater boy.” “Mt. Saint Hope was a small town; people talked. Over the next week, Bradley heard Jared
was the lucky twenty-one-year-old…”
And, I just learned the Cleis Press book, “Skater Boys,” has not been banned on ARE.) In Bed With the Boss

Here’s a link for, where they just listed IN BED WITH THE BOSS, a collaborative effort I worked on with author, Andrew Grey.

It’s a 50,000 word book, with two 25,000 word novellas that we put together this past fall.

You can follow this link and check it out here. They give excellent product descriptions at allromance.

You can also read more about it here, on this blog.

Product Info: The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin

Here’s product info for The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin. I wanted to borrow the info from fictionwise because I like their product descriptions the most when I’m shopping for books. But this one from ARe ( is just as good, if not better. I’ve been leaning more toward ARe in the past year. But I’m not singling anyone out.

I’m not going to do this with all the back-listed books, but I will do this from now on with all new releases.

Here’s a link to ARe, and if there are any questions about this book or any other, e-mail me or send me a pm on FB.

The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin
Series: The Virgin Billionaire , Book 5
By: Ryan Field Other books by Ryan Field
Published By: Ravenous Romance
Published: May 31, 2011
ISBN # 9781607774112
Word Count: 56,540
Heat Index Price: $6.99
Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc), Epub

Categories: Erotica Gay Contemporary
When Luis Fortune’s identical twin brother pays him a surprise visit after being estranged for more than ten years, Luis isn’t prepared for the shock. Luis slips right back into the dangerous, competitive pattern that’s always defined their relationship and laughs at his twin brother’s bleached hair, his shabby clothes, and his new name, Gage Weston. Luis rolls his eyes when he finds out Gage has been living in Brooklyn for the last five years and working as a male stripper in The Village. In fact, Luis is so bitter he never even bothered to tell his husband, Jase, he had an identical twin brother.

And Gage is still angry about something that Luis did to him more than a decade ago that involved a man named Snake, and he isn’t shy about letting Luis know he hasn’t forgiven him. And Gage has never forgiven Luis for leaving him alone in Tennessee to take care of their aging, overly religious parents. This, Gage believes, set the course for his life, causing him to wind up a male stripper living in a low-rent studio apartment over a grocery store in Brooklyn, struggling to survive and dating a closeted New York City cop with whom Gage knows he will never be able to have a real relationship.

After a heated exchange, Gage walks out on Luis, vowing never to see him again. And then Gage experiences a series of life altering events that leave him devastated. So he comes up with a plan to get even with his spoiled twin brother and pay him back for all the heartache he’s caused in the past. A plan that involves kidnapping Luis and locking him up in a room that was once a soundproof sex chamber, so Gage can assume Luis’s identity and find out what it’s like to be married to The Virgin Billionaire and have anything he wants.

But it’s not as easy as Gage thinks it will be to take over his twin brother’s life. Along the way, Gage meets someone very special he never intended to meet and winds up falling in love for the first time. And when Gage sees how his twin brother’s life has really turned out with The Virgin Billionaire, it’s not at all as he’d expected it would be.

Does Gage really hate his identical twin brother, Luis, enough to ruin Luis’s happiness and assume his identity forever? Will Luis be able to survive being locked up all alone in a sex chamber with nothing but fattening foods, discount store clothing, and bad music? And will Gage ever be able to put the past aside and come to terms with Luis as an adult so Gage can pull his life together and focus on the man he truly loves?