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Are Some TV Shows and Films Bad For Gays?; Gay Couple Trump Supporters Receiving Death Threats; How To Tell A Gay Top From A Bottom

Are Some TV Shows and Films Bad For Gays?

There’s been a discussion on Reddit about whether or not some TV shows and films give gay men a bad name. And there are a lot of opinions, too.

Here’s one:

“Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson do a great job playing Cam and Mitchell on Modern Family,” says libitum, “but the gay stereotyping is always an underlying irritation for me. It’s not that there aren’t gay men like that (there are) but why does a TV gay couple have to be like this. It’s visibility v. cringe, I agree.”

I never watched Modern Family because I couldn’t personally relate to it, but I don’t think it gives gay men a bad name. I actually think it represents a certain segment of the gay male population rather well…even though I can’t relate to it. 

And here’s another. This one didn’t like Boys In the Band…but he didn’t hate it either.

“I know the movie bugs the shit out of me and makes me hate all of them pretty much, just because they’re so whiny and self-loathing, but it is also one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to put gay guys front and center, warts and all. And none of the characters had to die by the end of the film, which counted as major progress.”

You can check out the rest here. I happened to love HBO’s Looking. I thought it represented a whole new segment of gay men that I could relate to. Evidently, not everyone did, and that shows you how diverse and subjective all this is.

Gay Couple Trump Supporters Receiving Death Threats

I almost didn’t link to this article because this election season has been filled with so much vitriol, but I want to use it as an example. In fact, I just left Twitter a moment ago where a friend I follow was practically ripped to shreds because he tweeted his support for Hillary Clinton. And he did it in a very nice, civil way. But the vitriol is everywhere, unfortunately. Whether someone is supporting Hillary or Trump, people are being shamed, degraded, and trolled in ways I’ve never seen before. 

In any event, this gay couple is supporting Trump and they’ve received death threats. But this could happen to anyone. I have seen Hillary supporters treated as badly, and sometimes even worse.

 The Facebook comments were unsurprisingly negative, calling the men “idiots,” “uneducated,” “redneck” “self-hating gays.”

One comment compared them to “Jews who supported Hitler,” while another simply suggested “two bricks directly into their faces.”

There’s more here. The media doesn’t make it any better either. They make it worse. 

How To Tell A Gay Top From A Bottom

I’m still not sure it is possible to tell a gay top from a bottom in most cases, but this article claims they have a scientific approach.

Moylan points to a 2013 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior that found people often rely on male-female gender stereotypes when identifying sexual roles in same-sex relationships.

For the study, 23 participants were shown the dating profile pics of 200 gay men, 100 tops and 100 bottoms, then asked to identify which was which. Based on the pictures alone, participants correctly identified the tops about 65 percent of the time and the bottoms just about 39 percent of the day, bringing the overall average correct guesses to 52 percent.

You can read the rest here. The comments are bold.

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