Category: Antonio Sabàto Jr’s R-Rated Gay Film; Chechen Leader On The Missing Gay Pop Star Zelimkhan Bakaev; Buying Rocco Steele’s Underwear

Antonio Sabàto Jr’s R-Rated Gay Film; Chechen Leader On The Missing Gay Pop Star Zelimkhan Bakaev; Buying Rocco Steele’s Underwear

Antonio Sabàto Jr’s R-Rated Gay Film

Things just keep getting more and more interesting. I don’t know much about Antonio Sabàto Jr, but according to this article he’s straight, he’s Republican, he’s an actor, and he’s running for office in California. But there’s an interesting twist. He’s not Ronald Reagan. 

Sabàto was previously a Calvin Klein model and appeared on various television programs. But he also starred in a couple of movies, some of which he played gay characters.

One such movie is called Testosterone, released in 2003. In it, he plays Pablo, a gay Argentine who disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Here’s the rest. I read the book, and saw the film, Testosterone. It was fantastic, and very classic for the 2000s. True gay culture without the typical heteronormative spin. But what I find most interesting is that lately the Republican conservative stereotype is being challenged more often than not by people like Sabato. Obviously, Sabato isn’t hiding anything from the public, and he’s still comfortable running for office. I think this is a clear sign that times are still changing for everyone. 

Chechen Leader On The Missing Gay Pop Star Zelimkhan Bakaev

Here’s a follow up on the story about the missing gay pop star from Chechnya.

Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov has denied any involvement in the disappearance of singer Zelimkhan Bakaev. Kadyrov has suggested the singer was ‘dealt with by his family’.

Bakaev has been missing since August 2017.

You can read more here. The Russian LGBT network claims they have evidence proving Bakaev was detained because of his sexuality.

Buying Rocco Steele’s Underwear

Rocco Steele is now doing what so many before him have done. He’s selling underwear, with the label 10Seven. 

10Seven–named after Rocco’s personal, ahem, measurements–initially launched with just traditional boxer briefs. It has since expanded to include a brief, trunk, and two jocks, which are the brand’s bestsellers.

Please take note this is new underwear. He’s not selling his used underwear. 

He also makes a special point of letting us know the sizes will go up to XXL. 

You can read the rest here

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