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Paul Ryan Fantasy; Vintage Gay Pride Photos; Mexican Politics, Anti-Gay Slur, Donald Trump

Paul Ryan Fantasy

I rarely even joke about politics…unless Hillary Clinton is seen in the subway…because I hate to take the chance of offending anyone. And people do get offended easily these days. But I figured this was safe to post because it’s coming from a gay press.

The Republican party leadership just can’t quite wrap its collective head around Donald Trump or Ted Cruz being the GOP presidential nominee. So now all hopes are pinned to the belief that if neither of those candidates can reach a majority of delegates outright, the party can just choose whoever it wants at a contested convention.

As I see it, and I have no idea who I’m voting for at this point, there can only be two candidates running for President in the general election. Just two. And just the thought of the possibility that Ted Cruz could wind up becoming President isn’t all that appealing.

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Vintage Gay Pride Photos

I’ve always been amazed at gay culture of the early days. I’ve always been curious about it, too. So this was really interesting to see.

 “It never occurred to me at the time that they would be looked at as history,” Light, who is now retired and living in Iowa City, tells Queerty. “Or that they could one day I could share them easily and widely on something called the internet. I was just attracted to the rich photographic opportunities the events offered. I have always enjoyed photographing people, and my camera is attracted to the beautiful, mostly, and occasionally the bizarre.”

You can check that out here. 

There are a lot of photos and they are amazing. This is one of those times when the picture does speak louder than words.

Mexican Politics, Anti-Gay Slur, Donald Trump

At least once or twice a day I see a straight person using the word “gay” in a negative way on Twitter…as in, “that’s so gay.” More often than not it’s a woman with a fake photo, with bleached hair and a long cleavage line. And the straight people never even notice anything’s wrong. In some cases, in the right context, it can also be funny. I don’t like the way everything has become so PC these days. But these idiots sitting in basements Tweeting aren’t smart enough or good looking enough to pull that kind of humor off. They obviously know nothing about gay men or how diverse gay men are. That’s the insulting part. They’re making hooded assumptions because they don’t know any better.

With that said, here’s a good example of using a gay slur in order to slam Donald Trump. And this is coming from a political party in Mexico that you would think should know better. 

Mexico’s fourth largest political party, the Nueva Alianza party, is running a new television ad demanding respect from Donald Trumpby calling him a faggot according to Blabbeando writer Andrés Duque.

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