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Anti-Gay Chants Dismissed; Obama Equal Benefits; Mark Ruffalo Deserved to Win; Mr. Gay Europe

Anti Gay Chants Dismissed

Miguel Herrera is the soccer coach of the Mexican World Cup team. When Mexican fans start shouting anti-gay chants he doesn’t think it is important and he recently brushed it off as just fans participating in the game. They’ve been chanting things like “Puto” and it is angering other fans and people who care about rights.

Herrera said this:

‘About the chants, we don’t have anything to say, we are going to concentrate in working hard, that is what corresponds to us,’ said Herrera. ‘We support our fan base. They just do it to put pressure on the other goalkeeper.’

‘That chant was invented in the Mexican league by one team and all the Mexican fan base has adopted it, therefore I don’t think it is something that serious.’

‘I think for us there is more important stuff to solve than a chant that is just an expression to put pressure on the other goalkeeper that has been taking place in Mexico since a long time ago.’

I “get” what he’s saying. I don’t agree with it, but I get it. The problem is that I doubt Herrera would like it much of the fans started chanting in his direction with comments like, “Hey you ugly pencil dick fuck with the bad haircut and cheap suit. Get your big nose out of your ass.” (There’s a photo of him at the link below.)

Of course I would never advocate that, and I would never do it myself. I’m just showing an example that it works both ways. And I doubt he’d be too thrilled with that. That’s why we have limits.

You can read more here.

Obama Equal Benefits

I have to admit that even though the Obama administration seems to be dealing with one crisis after the other these days, the President is aware of civil rights and he continues to support the LGBTI community.

On Friday 20 June, the White House made a statement regarding government benefits for gay people in the US. These include social security, veterans benefits and work leave to care for a sick partner.

In case anyone doesn’t realize it, this is huge for LGBTI people. We’ve gone from getting nothing at all to almost being equal in a matter of a few short years. There’s still a long way to go for many of us. But at least moves like this push us in the right direction…and I hope encourage more closeted gays to come out.

Whether the President realizes it or not, he’s not just pushing equal rights forward, he is also helping to rid us all of so many years of self-loathing.  

You can read more here.

Mark Ruffalo Deserved to Win

This is one of THE main reasons why I don’t participate in, or even care much about, awards of any kind. Matt Bomer recently won the Critics’ Choice Award for his performance in The Normal Heart and I was a little surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I think he was excellent in the film. And as part of the entire collaboration he helped make the film what it is. However, I clearly think Mark Ruffalo gave the award winning performance in The Normal Heart, hands down.

Among those Bomer beat out for the award was his co-star Joe Mantello. Bomer’s on-screen partner, Mark Ruffalo, lost the Lead Actor prize to Billy Bob Thorton who won for Fargo.

I realize Bomer won for best supporting actor and Ruffalo was up for best lead actor, but if anyone really deserved to win anything for that film is was Ruffalo. I think someone should start an Internet campaign and give Ruffalo his own award. In fact, I recently saw Ruffalo in Now You See Me, and he was even better in that film. Matt Bomer, whom I love, plays Matt Bomer very well in everything he does. Ruffalo BECOMES his characters and never repeats himself in any film…and he doesn’t have to take his shirt or pants off to do it.

There’s also a list of other winners. The Normal Heart won best movie. In some cases it seems more like a popularity contest, as usual. But then that’s what most awards are all about. I hear you can even buy yourself an award nowadays on the Internet if you want that kind of credit and very few people will even know you did that.

You can read more here.

Mr. Gay Europe

Speaking of awards and winners, a new piece of blond boy ass (I remember that line…”blond boy ass”…from Queer as Folk) recently became Mr. Europe.

Meet Mr Gay Europe, a 20-year-old Swede named Jack Johansson.

A ballet student and performer, he was the youngest competitor of the 15 delegates vying for the crown of (young, male, hairless from the neck down) gay Europe.

Stuart Hatton Jr. whom I posted about here earlier this month was in the TOP four…no pun intended.

There’s more here.  And there’s nice photo of Johansson.

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