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TRS Treasure Hunt…#TRStreasurehunt

This is the event I’ve been talking about all week in several previous posts. It starts tomorrow but I’m posting early. So here’s the answer, below, to the clue I provided for the event. (When you go to the TRS web site, click the “Treasure Hunt” map at the top left, which will take you to the page that describes the contest and where there’s a form to enter the contest.) Good luck!!

I’m also offering a free e-book to the first person who comments here. And you don’t have to sign in to google if you don’t have an account. You can even post anonymously or with a fake name. I know how important discretion is when it comes to erotic romance and I respect everyone’s privacy. Just send me an e-mail, let me know you were the first one to comment, and I’ll send you an e-book.

Clue: What two very important topics does Jase want to discuss with Luis in the beginning of the book, The Virgin Billionaire: Revenge?

Topic #1 Luis wanted to talk about two things that night, and he knew both topics had the potential to raise Jase’s eyebrows. So he decided to start with the lighter of the two subjects and brace himself for Jase’s reaction. “I’ve been thinking about hiring a live-in nanny for Hunter.”

Topic #2 Luis turned and looked into Jase’s eyes. “I’ve been asked to pose in the nude for Romantic Tidbits and Treasures.”