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Turing Law In UK, The Imitation Game, and Sam Gyimah; Another D-lister With A Video Leak; Being A Gay Frat Boy

Turing Law In UK, The Imitation Game, and Sam Gyimah

Last week I posted about The Turing Law in the UK that would have pardoned thousands of gay men from the crime of just being gay. Unfortunately, Sam Gyimah shot it down through a filibuster and ultimately stopped the bill from becoming law. Gyimah’s reasoning, allegedly, was to prevent pardoning pedophiles and rapists, too, which doesn’t seem to make sense, for this reason…

Labour MP Chris Bryant, who is gay, spoke in favour of the bill, coming close to tears, and said that Gyimah’s fears were not well-founded, and that the law would not pardon rapists or men who’d had sex with minors, because it only offered pardons for people whose offenses were “no longer a crime,” and both rape and sex with children are still crimes.

The Turing law isn’t without other controversy. Many believe a pardon isn’t sufficient and they want an apology from the government.

There’s more here on this. And if you haven’t seen the film The Imitation Game, I highly suggest watching it. The story line is loosely based on the life of Alan Turing, the same Turing of the Turing Law. It doesn’t focus on Turing’s homosexuality, but it does get into it.

Here’s more about the Turing Law…

Homosexual acts between men were illegal until the passing of the Sexual Offences Act 1967 in England and Wales, the Criminal Justice Act 1980 in Scotland, and the Homosexual Offences Order 1982 in Northern Ireland. As the three regions are separate jurisdictions, and many elements of criminal law are devolved matters in the United Kingdom, the British Government only has the power to legislate a pardon for England and Wales.

Another D-lister With A Video Leak

I see some of the most curious things on social media sometimes, and it’s usually by following the selfie-absorbed D-listers who can’t seem to post enough images of themselves online. Mostly, it’s men.

In any event, in this particular case, here’s another one who had his ass images leaked…

 Lewis Bloor. Ever heard of him? Us neither. Until his girlfriend, Marnie Simpson, posted a video to Snapchat of him strutting around his apartment wearing nothing but a baseball hat and pair of white tennis shoes.

There’s more here.

Being A Gay Frat Boy

Here’s one of those multiple meme posts about gay frat boys talking about what it’s like to be a gay frat boy. The images are pretty good, too.

As a gay dude living in a fat house it’s like a buffet. None of the guys know I mess with any other guys in the house. They would all have heart attacks. 

You can check this one out here.

Some are more intense, and one is actually ironic. I wonder how real they are.


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