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Another Creepy Christian Gay Exorcism Story; Gay Men’s Chorus Singer Dies On Stage; The Benham Brothers’ Live Facebook Game Show

Another Creepy Christian Gay Exorcism Story

Every time I read one of these things it just gets creepier. It’s about a guy who went through one of those Christian gay exorcisms.

I went over to the exorcist and we had a brief discussion about what I was going through before exorcism began. He also asked me if I struggling with homosexuality. I told him yes. He first started by placing some oil on my head in the form of a cross. So both him and his wife began to pray over me and they asked me to breathe in and breathe out at different times while they were trying to, quote, cast demons out of me, unquote. And so, not only were they speaking in English but they were also praying in tongues. 

Here’s the rest.

If you are gay and you’re struggling with it, you don’t have to do this. In fact, if any creepy Christian even suggests something like this run fast. Seriously. Think about this. They talk in tongues. Just run.

Gay Men’s Chorus Singer Dies On Stage

This was sad.

On Friday night, a member of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus died onstage during intermission.

39-year-old Ryan Nunez was participating in a production of “Paradise Found” at San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre when he collapsed on one of the risers and died suddenly, SF Gate reports.

You can read more here, where they posted a notice.

The Benham Brothers’ Live Facebook Game Show

Frankly, I couldn’t care less about the Benham Brothers. However, even though I’m not always too thrilled with the way conservative Christians and these religious types treat gays, I hate the way the gay press laughs at things like this. And most of all whoever wrote this article isn’t even sharp enough to look at the bigger picture here and focus on that. This is fascinating from a cultural POV because it’s the first live game show on Facebook, ever. I never thought I’d see anything more than what people were having for dinner on Facebook back when it first started. I’m not even sure Zuckerberg could have predicted the irony in this one…

Get ready for a 30-episode “game show” all about the Bible!

In what is being billed as “a first for Facebook Live,” the The National Bible Bee Game Show premieres on Facebook Live tonight and will feature over 70 contestants competing for a total of $270,000 in prizes by showing off their “Scripture-knowledge” and reciting over 800 verses from the Bible which they’ve committed to memory. 

You can check out the rest here. Not only is this an interesting piece about social media in general, it’s a great example of the intolerance coming from some people in the gay community. I don’t want to be one of those intolerant gay people, so I think that’s worth mentioning. I don’t read the bible, I think the bible is at best good fiction, but I don’t slam anyone’s right to believe in the bible. Tolerance is NOT a one way street.


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