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Stay Tuned For An Interesting Event

One very ambitious author I know has been organizing an event for romance readers. I can’t post any details right now because it’s not official yet. But if all things go as planned (fingers crossed), there’s going to be an event that’s sort of like a treasure hunt happening in the near future.

And, there will be a winner who receives a very nice prize…a very nice prize. We’re waiting to see if everyone who said they wanted to participate is still going to participate. People are busy juggling writing careers and full time jobs these days, and we aren’t 100% sure yet. But when I know for certain, I’ll post all the details right here very soon.

Elisa Rolle’s Rainbow Awards…

Now that The Rainbow Awards are over and the winners have been announced. I wanted to write a blog post thanking Elisa Rolle, and everyone else who was involved, for making this event possible. This includes the authors and publishers who contributed and entered their work.

For me, The Rainbow Awards were significant for many reasons. And one reason is because these awards had no stipulations. If you wrote or published an LGBT book, you were included in the process. Another reason is that digital books were included. Digital books are the future, and it was refreshing to see them included in this event.

Without the Internet, this wouldn’t have been possible for authors or readers. Without people like Elisa Rolle and everyone who contributed their time and energy, this wouldn’t have been possible. And most of all, without the dedicated readers this wouldn’t have been possible.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Rainbow Awards already. And I’ll offer all the support I can to help make this an annual event.