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Anita Bryant and Gay Liberation; Caitlyn Jenner’s Reality Show Canceled; UK Gay Politican Questioned About Sharing A Bed

Anita Bryant and Gay Liberation

The article I’m linking to now mentions one of the most notorious anti-gay activists, Anita Bryant, I can remember. And this all happened many years ago in the beginning stages of gay liberation. I comment below, briefly.

You owe it to yourself to take some time out of your day and learn about the dark, weird, juicy backstory of Anita Bryant. History-minded queers probably already know the broad strokes: she was a model and singer of some kind, and eventually an orange juice spokesmodel, and then an anti-gay activist at a time when you could still do that sort of thing.

You can read the rest here. 

In the article they make the claim that Bryant’s anti-gay comments somehow sparked gay voices to fight back and that’s not completely accurate. Gay people did fight back against her comments…she wound up with a pie in her face, literally, a pie in her face. However, gay voices were speaking loudly and clearly before Bryant opened her mouth, and I’d rather not give her that much credit.

Caitlyn Jenner’s Reality Show Canceled

This came as no surprise to me.

Break out the fiddles. I Am Cait, the E! reality series that followed Caitlyn Jenner on her journey of self-discovery, has officially been canned due to shockingly low ratings.

Here’s more. This particular article makes it all sound political, once again, and I don’t think that’s totally accurate either. I just think the ratings were low on Jenner’s show because we’re sick of that brand of reality TV. It’s had its time.

UK Gay Politician Questioned About Sharing A Bed

Stewart McDonald, an openly gay member of Parliament, was questioned about sharing a bed with his partner when he tried to check-in to a hotel in NYC.

“I told [the receptionist] Gordon was my partner and he then just stood and stared at us for a few seconds, before proceeding to check us in. He was clearly baffled and uncomfortable with the idea of two men, who are in a relationship, sharing a bed,” he told PinkNews.

There’s more here.

I think the moral of this one is that if it can happen in NYC, it can happen anywhere. And there’s still a lot of work to do.

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