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Scottish LGBTI Awards; Jindal Blocks Westboro; Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats; Review A Guy With Two Penises

Scottish LGBTI Awards

In case I never mentioned it, I link a lot to Gay Star News and I like the way they use LGBTI. The “I” means intersex. I welcome that addition and seriously praise it far more than that offensive “Q” word I see all the time.

In any event, for the first time ever there will be an awards event in Scotland for LGBTI people.

The very first Scottish LGBTI awards will take place on September 10, hosted by advocacy group Equality Network.

The awards will honour individuals and organizations who contributed to the progress and wellbeing of the LGBTI community over the last year.

This year is a historical one for progress in the country. In 1980 – 35 years ago – homosexuality was decriminalized in Scotland. It’s been 20 years since Scotland’s first Pride March.

Fifteen years have passed since Section 28, which raised the age of consent for gay people, was repealed.

You can read more here. In case you didn’t know, the national animal of Scotland is the unicorn. I only know that because it’s in my next book in The Rainbow Detective series, The Scottish Duke.

Jindal Blocks Westboro

The funerals for the victims of the Louisiana shootings will be held soon and Gov. Bobby Jindal had some interesting things to say to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is prepared to do everything in his power to block the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting the funerals of the victims in the last week’s Lafayette movie theater shooting.

According to The Hill, he issued an executive order yesterday (25 July).

‘In times of grief and mourning, the rule of law is especially important to protect the rights of citizens when they are most vulnerable, and any effort to disrupt or interfere with a family’s ability to grieve following the loss of a loved one is a reprehensible act,’ the Republican wrote, according to The Hill.

‘Any action by any individual or group to in any way disrupt, interfere, or cause additional suffering during this time of mourning is unconscionable and morally reprehensible,’ the order continued.
There’s more here. Finally, something I can agree on with Bobby Jindal. 
Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats
Evidently, Merkel’s Christian Democrats are not in favor of gay marriage. 
The majority of members of chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party’s (CDU) Berlin faction oppose gay marriage, a poll has revealed.

It found 45% were against the German government opening marriage to same-sex couples, with 35% of members in support.

The poll, conducted to gauge member’s opinion on marriage throughout the country, also revealed that 3% deemed the question ‘not important’.

Berlin’s general secretary Kai Wegener, who announced the result today, said: ‘I believe this result will accelerate the debate on a national level.’

The result comes ten days after Merkel said she supported gay marriage, as long as it was not called marriage, in an interview with German Youtube star LeFloid.

Another example of why there’s still a long way to go. It’s actually kind of interesting to me because I’ve worked with several European publishers in the past and I’ve always been under the impression things were more open and liberal over there. I guess not in all cases.

I don’t get the part where she supports gay marriage as long as it’s not called marriage. What should we call it? She’s a backward woman who is missing something important. The whole point behind “gay” marriage is we hope that someday it won’t be “gay” marriage. It will just be “marriage.”

The rest is here. 

Review for The Rainbow Detective Agency The Guy With Two Penises

I saw this review for one of the Rainbow Detective books and thought I’d share. I like reviews like this because they mention things that normally don’t occur to me while I’m writing. I just do it and when someone makes comments like this I wonder sometimes how I managed to do it.

In any event, here’s part of the review, below. You can read it in full here. There are a few other reviews, too.

What I miss in most gay-themed books is a realistic, tension-filled symphony and cacophony set up by two highly individualistic men. Proctor and Blair are such men. They are opposites who, whether or not either will admit it, are blessedly made for each other. And yet they seem always on the verge of breaking into splinters by the sheer tautness of their hold on each other. Their chemistry is freaking off the charts. Together they set off an electromagnetic charge that defies description. My kind of characters.