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Last Night In Twisted River…The Androscoggin

According to my Kobo, I’m 90% finished reading LAST NIGHT IN TWISTED RIVER by John Irving. And, once again, like all Irving’s novels, I hate to see it end.

And because this was the first John Irving novel I’ve read on my Kobo e-reader, it was a new experience for me. Actually, I planned to read this particular book on purpose. I figured if I was going to get used to a new e-reader I wanted to have an old friend with which to do it.

And I don’t have any complaints at all, not with the Kobo or with LAST NIGHT IN TWISTED RIVER.

This isn’t a review of the book. I’ll do that eventually. But whenever I read certain authors I always do a little research about where the books were set. In this case, a good deal of LAST NIGHT IN TWISTEd RIVER revolved around a logging in camp along the Androscoggin River in New Hampshire. And the images of this part of the world were written so well, and with such detail, I’m going to drive there this summer when I’m in Maine again.

And I can’t recommend this book enough to other readers or authors. I’m from a school of thought that truly believes writers get better by reading well-crafted novels like LAST NIGHT IN TWISTED RIVER. In other words, don’t just read the books in the genre in which you write. Branch out and read more literary novels to see how novels are created. You may agree with some things; you may disagree with others. But you’ll walk away with knowledge you can’t find in a classroom, a crit group, or from any online source that offers writing advice.