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Publisher Won’t Ship to Bookstore; American Star App

This is an interesting story, about a publisher who wouldn’t ship more than 200 books to a brick and mortar bookstore simply because that was the publisher’s rule. And not even if the bookstore had pre-sold more than 200 books.

It’s interesting how these things work, and I think we’ve all experienced this kind of incompetence at one point or another.

I don’t know much about the blogger, and he/she didn’t give links (which is smart these days) but I think this could have happened with any large publisher nowadays. Something failed along the way, and I think it all started with summer Fridays off, not enough work to do, and a lack of good old fashioned work ethic.

From LB’s Blog:

An independent bookseller I know landed a major bestselling author for a rare in-store signing. He got the word out, took advance phone and internet orders for signed copies, and called his sales rep at the publisher to make sure the books would reach him in plenty of time.

“You’ve ordered 450 copies,” the rep told him. “I’m afraid we can only ship you 200.”

Why, for God’s sake? Hadn’t they printed enough?

“No, it’s policy,” he was told. “Two hundred books is our maximum order. We can’t take the chance of huge returns, or credit problems.”

American Star Has Its Own App at Android Blip

I think there’s one for American Star II. I didn’t even know these were around until a reader told me about them.

As a side note, this is one of the reasons I like working with publishers instead of self-publishing. It’s not something I would have done with my self-pubbed books…nor would I have thought of doing. I will look into it now that I’ve seen it. But everything is a learning experience and you learn as you go. I don’t agree with the Joe Konrath’s of the world who believe it all begins and ends on Amazon. You have to get that self-pubbed book out there and distribute it to as many places as possible.

Here’s a plot description, and here’s a link to androidblip.

If you like watching “American Idol,” you’ll love Ryan Field’s M/M erotic novel American Star!
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In this erotic romance Terrence has to deal with a deranged fan who sends him death threats, the overbearing mother of his newest love interest and the brutal death of a close friend. But none of this stops him from growing as a performer, and with a little help from a well-hung chauffeur, a few sexy top guys who work in a hotel, and his ex-lover the gay football player, he learns how to please all the men in his life with a huge smile on his face and legs that are always ready to open wide.
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