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Risha Namaste…

Namaste is a salutation that comes from India and Nepal which would be best compared to “good day” or “greetings” in English. You can read more about it here, in this short, interesting piece on wiki.

“In Nepal, younger persons usually initiate the exchange with their elders. Initiating the exchange is seen as a sign of respect in other hierarchical settings.”

Friends tell me namaste is often used in Yoga, at the end of classes, to mean “I bow to your true self.” You can read more here if you wish.

The reason I’m posting about this now is because I have a facebook friend with the name “Risha Namaste” whom I know very little about. I’ve never seen one person put together so many wonderful photographs on any social media before. If I still owned my gallery I would be knocking doors down to find out who this person is and where I could at least get copies of the prints he/she posts. They are truly spectacular. Here’s Risha Namaste’s link to facebook. Below are a few examples I’m talking about I found in her albums. They almost have an Andrew Wyeth feel. Check it out and send a friend request if you’re interested in the arts and beautiful, wonderful visual things. You won’t be disappointed.