Category: Andrew Garfield’s “Gay Physical Act” Comment Gets Backlash; Gavin Russom Comes Out As Trans; Big Brother Contestant’s Creepy Gay Advance

Andrew Garfield’s "Gay Physical Act" Comment Gets Backlash; Gavin Russom Comes Out As Trans; Big Brother Contestant’s Creepy Gay Advance

Andrew Garfield’s “Gay Physical Act” Comment Gets Backlash

When I post about these things I don’t necessarily believe the person who makes comments like this is throwing shade at gay people. I’m not offended by it; I’m used to it.  I actually think it’s innocent. I’m only pointing out how little straight people know about gay people and gay culture, and suggesting that straight people shouldn’t try to “splain” what it’s like to be gay…especially when they are getting paid to play a gay role in a play.

With that said, this is why Garfield is getting backlash. And it’s even more interesting to note that so many straight people see nothing wrong with what he said. I’m also sure some older gay people might agree with him because they came out later in life. But did they come out later in life because they “turned gay,” or was it because they just kept being gay hidden all those years? I’m not qualified to get into that, but I do know that I knew I was gay from the start, and so did most of the people who are giving this guy backlash.

“As far as I know, I am not a gay man,” Garfield noted. “Maybe I’ll have an awakening later in my life, which I’m sure will be wonderful and I’ll get to explore that part of the garden, but right now I’m secluded to my area, which is wonderful as well. I adore it, but a big concern was what right do I have to play this wonderful gay role?”

Here’s the rest. Garfield is playing a gay role, which I’m assuming is why he made these comments. He even goes on to mention how he’s binge watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. I guess I’m missing something about being gay because I’ve never even seen RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Now if you still don’t get the backlash, think about how it would sound if I told you, “As far as I know, I am not a straight man. Maybe I’ll have an awakening later in my life…”

Think about that carefully. I’ve always known I’m gay. Always. Even when I didn’t want to admit it to anyone else for obvious reasons. Because that’s what we have always done. Do you really think I’m going have a grand “awakening” and turn into a straight guy someday?

Gavin Russom Comes Out As Trans

As I’ve been predicting all along here on the blog, more and more people will be coming out as trans.

LCD Soundsystem, the Brooklyn-based band with a diehard fan base, has popped up in the news recently after joining forces following a five-year hiatus. But Gavin Russom, the synth wizard who joined the group in 2010, is the subject of headlines today after she came out publicly as a transgender woman.

More here. There’s a photo, too.

Big Brother Contestant’s Creepy Gay Advance

I haven’t been following Big Brother much this season…yet. I’ve been recording it but Tony starts to groan the minute I put it on and it’s easier to just put on something else. We only watch about 2 hours of TV a day and we don’t like to torture each other if one of us doesn’t like something the other is watching. I’ll probably binge watch at one point late at night when he’s sleeping.

But please keep in mind, according to someone in the comments, this story is about what’s happening on Big Brother UK, not the one currently airing in the US. So I’ll probably never get to see it.  

However, as usual, there’s some kind of controversy going on in the BB house. Here’s the back story about what happened and why so many viewers are complaining.

“Coming on strong” rarely achieves much more beyond making people exttremely uncomfortable. That’s why some viewers of the latest iteration of Big Brother think the advances of a certain Andrew upon a certain Raph have gone too far. Andrew doesn’t seem swayed by Raph’s firm rejections; they just make him more persistent.

On the July 5th episode, Andrew kept trying to kiss Raph, though it couldn’t be clearer that Raph wasn’t interested. 

You can check out the rest here.   The comments are…interesting.

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