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Zach Smith, Sex Toys, and White House Penis Photos; Performing an MOT On Your Penis; The Package: Netflix’s Raunchy Teen Comedy

Zach Smith, Sex Toys, and White House Penis Photos

I’m just linking to this one. I’m not sure what to make of it. Zach Smith is the former Ohio State assistant football coach.

Furthermore, Smith’s ex-wife, Courtney, said Smith “took multiple photos of his penis inside the Ohio State coaches’ offices, inside the White House when the Buckeyes visited in 2015 and also photographed himself in the coaches’ offices receiving oral sex and having sex with an OSU staffer.”

And here’s the link. That’s not all. Allegedly, he had $2,200 worth of sex toys. The White House photos were allegedly taken in April of 2015, not recently.

Here’s another link. Smith’s attorney is denying the allegations.

Performing an MOT On Your Penis

This is highly informative, and worth reading.

This is more than just letting shower water cascade over your undercarriage. First, using warm, soapy water wash around the shaft of the penis, the balls, and into the groin. Then, pull back the foreskin to clean away that cheesy collection, called smegma, that acrues around the base of the head of your penis. And don’t worry, smegma’s normal, acting as natural lubricator, but if allowed to build up it can smell and encourage bacterial infections.

Here’s more. There’s a lot more excellent advice with this one. I didn’t know this. Don’t rest your laptop on your balls. Apparently, the heat isn’t good for your balls. 

The Package: Netflix’s Raunchy Teen Comedy

I haven’t seen The Package yet, so I’m not commenting. But I have to admit the premise looks interesting. But I wonder if there’s any full frontal in this one. It would be just like Hollywood to finally do a film with actual full frontal male nudity, and the guy winds up losing his dick. 

This testosterone-y field trip is crashed by Jeremy’s sister Becky (Geraldine Viswanathan) and Donnie’s ex Sarah (Sadie Calvano), because: girls. And then, once the boys get over themselves and get out to the woods, it’s ruined again, this time by Jeremy accidentally cutting his own penis off while peeing/fucking around with his switchblade knife. The film soon becomes a race against the clock to save Jeremy’s dick from a shriveled, necrotic state.

Here’s the link. I haven’t seen many great reviews. From what I’m gathering, though, the fake penis looks so real it’s worth checking out. 

Pretty Man by Ryan Field

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