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Jockstraps, Leather, and Pride; Colin Farrell Is Cast In The Beguiled; Paul Fienman First Gay Judge On NY’s Highest Court

Jockstraps, Leather, and Pride

Here’s another interview with someone you never heard of talking about Pride. Evidently, he’s Mr. Long Beach Leather.

What was your most awkward Pride moment?

It was at a pre-gaming with my friends before Pride one year. I had had a lot to drink. Somehow I found myself in the arms of some guy that I met there. After making out with him for a while, I eventually called him the wrong name. That was pretty awkward. 

There’s more here. And you can check out his photos. If you like a lot of arm pit with your Pride, you’ll love this one.

Colin Farrell Is Cast In The Beguiled

This looks like an excellent historical. I’ve seen clips and it reminds me of my own novella, The Young Widow’s Promise. The Civil War era and the Edwardian era are the two I’ve always loved the most.

In the new film The Beguiled, Colin Farrell plays a smolderingly sexy wounded Union soldier taken in by the women and girls of a Southern girls’ boarding school at the height of the Civil War.

Even though he’s fighting for the other side, it doesn’t take long for the women to form attachments to this handsome stranger named Corporal John McBurney. 

Here’s the rest. Everything about this one looks good.

Paul Feinman First Gay Judge On NY’s Highest Court

This is history, and this is Pride, too. Paul Feinman is the first openly gay judge on NY’s highest court.

Feinman was nominated by Governor Andrew Cuomo to serve on the Court of Appeals and was confirmed by the state’s Republican-led Senate, according to the New York Law Journal.

‘The fact that we are promoting today someone who is the first openly LGBT person in the 170-year history of the Court of Appeals is a historic event we have to make note of,’ said openly gay State Senator Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from Manhattan. 

You can read more here. 

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