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An Extremely Masculine Gay Bottom; Gay Widower Denied Marriage Benefits; Trump and Trans Military Ban

An Extremely Masculine Gay Bottom

I know that the headline above sounds like an oxymoron, but it is a reality in some cases, with some gay bottoms. And it shows how some stereotypes are not always accurate.

Stereotypes ruin the party again. One guy says he has a problem keeping men’s attention as a black, “extremely masc” bottom because he doesn’t conform to perceptions of what bottoms should look and act like.

Here’s more. You’ll love the comments. 

Gay Widower Denied Marriage Benefits

This one is tricky and you have to read the whole thing.

The U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) has a policy that says a spouse must be married to their partner for at least nine months before they’re eligible to receive a deceased partner’s survivor benefits.
That’s not a problem for most couples, but it is for Michael Ely, a 65-year-old gay Arizona resident. He was denied SSA survivor benefits when his husband of six months died of cancer in 2015.

Here’s the link. They explain in more detail why Ely is looking for justice, and that he’s not looking for special treatment. I hope he wins his case.

Trump and Trans Military Ban

Here’s something we’ll have to keep watching in December. From what this says, Trump is bypassing the normal legal process by going directly to the Supreme Court. 

Donald Trump and his administration directly asked the Supreme Court on Friday (23 November) to rule on their proposed transgender military ban.

You can read it all here. It goes into a lot more detail. There have been a lot of misleading headlines on this story, so be prudent with what you read. 

Here’s another article about it from a mainstream publication.  It’s being considered highly irregular. 

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