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Amsterdam’s New AIDS Monument; The World’s Second Largest Gay Hook Up App: Hornet; Anti-LGBT North Carolina Law and Monetary Losses

Amsterdam’s New AIDS Monument

Here’s something that’s worth focusing on for a change.

Just in time for World AIDS Day on 1 December, the city’s mayor, Eberhard van der Laan, unveiled the seven meter tall sculpture called ‘Living by Numbers’.

Designed by openly gay French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel, the AIDSmonument resembles an abacus which counts ‘down the moment that AIDS has left our world for good’.

You can see it here, and read more.

The World’s Second Largest Gay Hook Up App: Hornet

I didn’t know this, and I actually never even heard of Hornet. But according to this article, Hornet considers itself the world’s second largest gay hook up app. We’re talking about big money here.

Dating app Hornet has announced that it has raised $8million (€7.6million) in its first round of institutional investment funding. The money comes from venture capital fund Ventech China.

The app, which was founded in 2011, says that it has over 15 million total and 3 million monthly active users and claims to be ‘the world’s second largest gay social network’.

China-based social network Blued, which raised £18.9million from DCM Ventures in November 2014, claims to have 27million registered users and is thought to be the biggest gay dating network in the world.

You can read more about this here. One of these days I’m going to check one of these places out myself just out of curiosity. While I have no need for an app like this, whenever I post something about one I feel so dumb.

Anti-LGBT North Carolina Law and Monetary Losses

Evidently, the controversial law in North Carolina that’s been considered Anti-LGBT from the start has allegedly caused a $400 million loss since March.

Newly obtained emails from the North Carolina Commerce Department points to the anti-LGBTI laws in Charlotte as the reason for a back off from investment in North Carolina.

The emails outline a plan to move the proposed 700 job venture by CoStar from Charlotte in North Carolina to Richmond in Virginia.

Jeff Edge, a Charlotte Chamber of Commerce official, wrote an email that cites CoStar was ‘broadsided with their pushback over the HB2 issue in Charlotte.’

Here’s the rest. The $400 million number comes from The Business Insider.

Maybe they’ll wake up and think twice about this law now. It usually takes money…or a loss of it…to get some of these politicians to “evolve.”

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