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Planning Ahead For Virgin Billionaire: Amnesia In Germany

I have a new release coming out soon titled, THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S HOT AMISH ESCAPADE.

But the original title was The Virgin Billionaire: Amnesia. We changed it because we thought it was boring.

In this next book in the VB series, Jase, the virgin billionaire, gets amnesia and they wind up trapped in the woods in Amish country…in a town with a dark secret, surrounded by very strange people.

Part of the reason I wrote the book this way is because I’m tired of watching horror flicks where the cute guys always wind up dying first and the dizzy women survive. I wanted one story along these lines where the cute guys live and the women die. If that sounds petty, I’m guilty.

But more than that, I was a little worried about the amnesia part. I did research it and I do know it happens.

And this link and the article below fascinates me now.

Unidentified teenage boy emerges from forest
Posted by David Pescovitz on Monday, Sep 19th at 9:32am
A mysterious young fellow named Ray, around 17-years-old, walked out of a German forest last week and told authorities he and his dad, who had just died, had been living in the wild for about five years. But that’s all Ray remembers about his life. He told youth workers that his father, whom he called Ryan, had died two weeks ago and he had buried him in a shallow grave covered with stones. The boy then walked north, following instructions his father had given him should anything happen to him.
The pair’s odyssey started after his mother, who he said was named Doreen, died. He says that he and his father never set up home but kept moving, staying in tents and huts in the woods.

It is not clear what they ate or how they survived the often harsh German winters. “He doesn’t show any signs of abuse and he is in good shape physically and psychologically,” (Berlin police spokesperson Michael) Maaß said.