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Film Review: Amish Romance "Love Finds You In Charm" with Trevor Donovan and Danielle Chuchran

Film Review: Amish Romance “Love Finds You In Charm” with Trevor Donovan and Danielle Chuchran

I know it’s a little odd for me to be reviewing a film like this, however, I read the book, Love Finds You In Charm, a few years ago never thinking it would one day become a film, and I’m posting now as a blogger, not a publisher writer. There’s a difference, and I always make that clear here on the blog. My reading taste in fiction runs anywhere from Jonathan Franzen, to James Franco’s abstract fiction, to Debbie Macomber “porch swing” romances. Over the years I’ve posted reviews on all of them, including J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. In fact, I rarely ever read anything in the genre in which I write anymore.

With that said, the general premise of the film, Love Finds You In Charm, revolves around a beautiful young Amish woman, Emma, who begins to question her life in the Amish community, with the young Amish man who wants to marry her, and whether or not she can live such a narrow existence. She reads Jane Austen in her barn and dreams about another life. She’s not sure exactly what she wants, but she knows she wants to find out if there’s something different out in the world. So her father sends her to Charm, Ohio, where she spends the summer with relatives.

Once in a while a book or film comes along that captures the setting perfectly…with feeling. I’m often disappointed when that doesn’t happen, especially with an Amish romance. I have been known to cut across six lane highways after spotting a sign for an Amish farm market, especially if it’s in the fall and there are pumpkins, mums, and homemade cheese. In this case, Love Finds You In Charm doesn’t disappoint. It actually was filmed on location, in Charm, Ohio, and the setting is portrayed in such a brilliant way you find yourself daydreaming about actually living there. I live in Bucks County, PA, with a lot of equestrian farms and farm markets. But in the fall they don’t grow the pumpkins here. They fill a farm with pumpkins from California and let people pretend they are picking them. There’s also a strong New York and Philadelphia influence and we often lose a lot of the original charm of years ago as a result. We’re kind of “quasi country chic,” with million dollar town homes and condos on the river. I didn’t see that in this film. I saw the kind of farm life authenticity that takes the viewer away to a world with which they aren’t familiar. Pure comfort and escapism.

When Emma arrives in Ohio, on a train that looks as much fun to ride as any farm market is to visit, she immediately meets a young man named Noah, played by Trevor Donovan. If you have followed Donovan’s career over the years, which I actually haven’t, you’ll know he’s known for playing a variety of parts and characters. This time, as Noah, Donovan filled the strong hero part perfectly, and you can see that clearly by the expression on Emma’s face the instant she steps off the train. There’s also nothing vulgar or too intense about it. The portentous scene where they meet is plain and simple, and it shows the beginning of what we hope will be an interesting relationship. Without giving any spoilers, Noah is the beginning of what might become an interesting adventure for Emma. The kind that she’s been reading about in Jane Austen books.

It’s the little things in a book or film that create the intensity of the “romance” for me. In this case, there’s a scene where all it takes is Noah putting a sea shell up to Emma’s ear and telling her it’s the ocean. Or when he raves about her cheese-making skills and wants to know “the secret ingredient.” By that time I wanted to know what it was, too. Again, all done with simple gestures and poignant lines that create the kind of romance we don’t see often anymore in films.

However, this isn’t about the cheese. The story goes much deeper than Emma’s relationship with Noah. While she’s working at one of the most wonderful farm market’s I’ve ever seen, she befriends another young woman who is also rethinking her life, but as an “English” woman, not Amish. I once posted a guest post by an Amish man who lives in a place just like Charm, and I’ve kept in touch with him since then. I’m not an expert on Amish life, but I’ve learned that the Amish refer to anyone who isn’t Amish as “English.” In any event, Emma finds a few things in common with this other young woman who is questioning her own life, which also adds a little drama to the story I didn’t expect to see…and Noah becomes even more of a hero. 

Then there’s a handsome young guy who works as a food blogger who comes to town and runs into Emma at the Farmer’s Market. He tastes her homemade goat cheese…chèvre…and loves it so much he wants to do a feature on her in the food blog. It’s also evident that he’s interested in more than Emma’s cheese and Noah’s not too thrilled about that. This is all done with subtle comments, glances, and expressions, which you never have to question once. And it’s hard to predict what the ultimate outcome will be even when you reach the middle of the film. I don’t usually mind it when I can predict the ending of a film or book…as long as it’s happy ending. But in this case I really did find myself wondering how it would all wind up. 

If I were to continue I would no doubt wind up adding spoilers and I ate it when reviews do that. I think that’s shabby reviewing and it ruins something special for those who haven’t seen the film or read the book. However, from the wood cutting scene where Noah slams that log with all his brute force, to the scene where Emma just stares at him with glazed eyes, I found this to be one of the fastest films I’ve seen in a long time. Back in the 1980’s there was a wonderful, classic book titled, “Cold Sassy Tree,” by Olive Ann Burns. Burns died right after the book was published. They adapted the novel to film, too. And that’s what Love Finds You In Charm reminded me of in so many ways, yet completely different. It’s one of those movies you can keep on DVR and watch many times in the future with people of all ages.

The film is being aired on UPTV, Uplifting Entertainment, and here’s a link to their web site with more information. It originally aired on June 7, 2015, and they aired it again last night. I don’t know much about UPTV but I would imagine they will be airing it again sometime soon. I also did a simple search and it looks like you can watch it online, too. I’m not posting links because I’m not sure if those web sites are legal or not, and with my own experience with book pirates I don’t like to take those chances. But if it’s not online yet, I’m sure it will be soon enough for those of you who read this blog in the UK and other countries.


Trevor Donovan, Love Finds You In Charm; Country Singer Ty Herndon Inspires Us; Mike Huckabee’s Creepy Comment

Trevor Donovan, Love Finds You In Charm

In a few days, an Amish romance that was adapted to film will air on the UP Network, titled, Love Finds You In Charm. I’ve read the book and loved it, and that was before I even knew there would be a film. I like Debbie Macomber types of books sometimes. But more, I think most people who read m/m romance will enjoy a film like this. Interestingly, my anonymous Amish friend who once did a guest post here, lives in a real life town near Charm, OH and he gave me a few little details while they were shooting the film last year. 

Here’s something from the main web site:

Emma Miller appears to be the most blessed girl in Indiana. She teaches school, enjoys the attention of a wonderful man and has a loving family. But this Amish girl has more on her mind than buggies and bonnets; she longs for adventure and wants to see the world. So when her sister Abby convinces her to spend the summer with relatives in Charm, Ohio, Emma jumps at the chance. In Charm, she meets an Englisher who has come to town to escape her chaotic life and despite their differences, the two become fast friends. Emma finds herself pulled between two worlds and her ultimate decision will impact not only herself but everyone she knows.

The UP Channel isn’t one I am completely familiar with, however, I have Verizon Fios in the northern Philadelphia area and it’s channel 224 for us. Here’s a link to UP web site. The show airs on Sunday night at 7 pm and I’ll probably post about it once again before the weekend. You can also search the web site to see where the show will air for you. From what I’ve seen so far, Donovan and the rest of the cast all look perfect for their roles.

Donovan also wrote and performed the song, Fields of Gold, from the film.

Country Singer Ty Herndon Inspires Us

I like some country music, especially Ty Herndon. I still remember when country went more pop oriented in the 90’s and that changed the music industry forever. There was even a song by Alan Jackson, Gone Country, about how everyone seemed to be going country because country was so hot. But the one thing I don’t remember about the 90’s was an openly gay country singer with whom I could identify…and now we have Ty Herndon…breaking stereotypes and making things better for so many of us who have been silenced by not only the mainstream community, but also the LGBT community.

Following the incident in Fort Worth, his sexuality became a topic of interest within the country music industry. Although his rep denied it following his arrest, the speculation came to an end on November 20, 2014, in an interview with People magazine, Herndon came out as a gay man, and stated that he had been in a relationship for a few years with Matt Collum. When asked if his two ex-wives knew of his sexuality, Herndon confirmed that they “absolutely” knew

Here’s a comment Herndon made I thought was post-worthy:

I have parents bringing 15-year-olds to my shows, and they say, ‘My kid just came out, and he wants to be a singer. And all I can do is look at them and go, ‘My God, look at this special kid you have. And then, I’ll have a 75-year-old man come to my show and say, ‘I just came out to my entire family, and I was received with love… I relate to that struggle on so many levels. To see that kid having such a chance at life because he was so brave so early, and yet to understand the 75-year-old man who is finally at peace with himself because he was able to walk out of that fear… if I’ve been a small part of any of that, it really is humbling. I receive that.”

Another hero…you can read more here. 

Mike Huckabee’s Creepy Comment

When I first saw this gem of a comment I thought, “Who says something like that in public?” Seriously. I don’t think it actually gets any creepier than this. Evidently, he was trying to joke around about a topic you don’t joke around with…child sex abuse.

Now I wish that someone told me that when I was in high school that I could have felt like a woman when it came time to take showers in PE. I’m pretty sure that I would have found my feminine side and said, “Coach, I think I’d rather shower with the girls today.” You’re laughing because it sounds so ridiculous doesn’t it?

Yes, it does sound ridiculous. And when you think about the creepy Duggar scandal, it makes what Huckabee said even worse. I’ve been on his side at times, but not after this comment. This is really about as bad as it gets.

You can read the rest of the article here. It’s not only a weak argument, but it makes Huckabee look increasingly more out of touch with reality.

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