Category: America’s Notorious Ex-Gay Center: JONAH; Black and Gay In America After Being Away for a Decade; Ramon Canyon by Ryan Field

America’s Notorious Ex-Gay Center: JONAH; Black and Gay In America After Being Away for a Decade; Ramon Canyon by Ryan Field

America’s Notorious Ex-Gay Center: JONAH

Even though it’s hard to believe there are still people who believe a gay person can become straight, this is going on.

A lawsuit being referred to as the first of its kind was recently brought up against the organization, JONAH, by former patients. JONAH is short for Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality. They think they can cure gay people.  

It sounds like absolute torture. 

“Other clients were required to reenact childhood trauma, including childhood sexual trauma, under the theory that the reason people become gay is that they’ve suffered some sort of trauma in childhood that is thrown them off the normal path towards heterosexuality,” Dinielli tells Queerty. “Some were required as a part of the program to disrobe in front of the counselor.”

Here’s a link for the rest. 

Black and Gay In America After Being Away for a Decade

A black gay man who has been living outside the US for over a decade will be returning soon, and he’s been writing about his thoughts and feelings with regard to returning to the US. I find it interesting because I think a lot of things have changed for the better (for gay people…I can’t comment on the experience for gay black people). But I’ve been here as a gay person. I haven’t been living in another country depending on hearsay from questionable friends and news articles that may or may not be true. And from what I see on social media, most news stories are either untrue or highly slanted in one direction or another. But more than that, most people only read headlines.  

I will be returning to an America post-Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, Moonlight, Get Out, Black Panther, Empire, and Jussie Smollett, where to be black still can be beautiful and dangerous — but to an exponentially greater degree of both.

Here’s a link for this one. It’s very well written, well executed, and has a unique POV.  I’m looking forward to a follow up and reading about his actual experience and how he feels about being back in the US. He has a very honest voice and he sounds like a natural writer. 

So many things have changed. For one thing, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is seriously running for President, as an openly gay legally married man. And for the first time the mainstream media is actually paying attention to him. That’s huge for gay people. 

 Reader Reviews for Sleepless In San Francisco

“I loved the romance between Ed and Jonathan. Noah was adorable. All the supporting characters added so much to the richness of the storybook romance.”
“I read a lot of Ryan’s books, but really loved this one. The main character reminded me of someone… read it and see.”

“All the supporting characters added so much to the richness of the storybook romance. I’ll even admit that though most books in this genre may bring a smile to my face; they seldom bring tears. This one got me at the end. I would desperately like a second chapter to see where they go from here.”

Sleepless in San Francisco by [Field, Ryan ]

A Gay Western Romance

When Flynn had to leave Ramon Canyon 10 years earlier at the age of 18, he never thought he would return. He’d been caught in the act on his hands and knees with another cowboy his age by the town’s worst gossip, Sally May Johansson, and he knew he couldn’t remain there. So he set off without looking back, and found other places in the world where he could live his life and build his fortune. But no matter where he went he never stopped thinking about Ramon Canyon, and the young man named Jasper with whom he’d been in love. 

Eventually, he wound up in Europe with other like-minded people who understood him, where he amassed a great fortune and educated himself with the finer things in life. He told himself he’d never return to Ramon Canyon again, but then he ran into an old family friend who told him what had happened to his family and the ranch where he’d grown up. And that’s when he knew he had to return for his revenge. 

After a 10 year absence, most people thought Flynn was dead. But that didn’t stop him from riding through Ramon Canyon with his head high and his shoulders square. He realized how much he missed Ramon Canyon, and now that he had money, a purpose, and goals he didn’t have to run anymore. The timing was perfect and they needed him as much as he needed to be there. The only thing that was missing was the love of his life, and Flynn wasn’t sure he’d ever figure that out. However, he still had a few unexpected surprises coming his way.

Ramon Canyon by [Field, Ryan]