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"Saucy Balls" The Name Should Stay!

I’ve been following the story of Austin culinary student, Joey Galluzzi, on facebook and other blogs. I’ve also seen him on America’s Next Great Restaurant. But here’s a little back story first, about why I’m writing this blog post on a blog that’s usually focused more on publishing and books.

I haven’t had a carb (at least not guilt free) in over a year. But I love food, and when I see something that makes my mouth water, literally, I get excited. I often write about food in my novels, sometimes as a way to satisfy my own frustrations about never having opened a restaurant of my own. One of my favorite movie scenes was when Julia Roberts went to Italy in Eat, Pray, Love and she sat down and devoured that huge plate of pasta. My dream come true. Just the look on her face was magic. And when she went after the pizza, I almost couldn’t take it.

I spotted Joey’s “Saucy Balls” because of the name. And Joey’s meatballs look fantastic. If given the chance, I could probably eat three dozen in one sitting. But some idiots, who think they know better, want Joey to change the name. They don’t like “Saucy Balls,” and I have a feeling I know the reason why. We all know the reason why. I’m not going to get into this, because I’ve had comments and criticism over the years about titles of my books with the same play on words…Missing Jackson’s Hole is a perfect example. But words are just words, and we’re the ones who give them meaning.

If Joey hadn’t called his meatballs “Saucy Balls” I can tell you for sure I wouldn’t have given them a second look. A meatball is a meatball: meh. But a “Saucy Ball” makes you stop and think. And I wouldn’t be writing this post right now about his “Saucy Balls” if he’d just called them meatballs.

So If Joey does decide to sell out and listen to all the idiots who think he should change the name, I wish him the best. The meatballs still look wonderful and I’d still eat three dozen in one sitting no matter what he calls them.

But I hope he doesn’t change the name. There’s nothing wrong with a little humor, especially in these God awful politcally correct times we’re living in where we’re terrified to say anything for fear we’ll be ridiculed or called haters. And, frankly, there’s nothing wrong with “Saucy Balls,” whether they are made out of sausage, beef, or anything else.