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Racism In Gay Community; Winter F-Buddies; Who Is Finn Wittrock?

Racism In Gay Community

In this article, a guy named Nelson Moses Lassiter talks openly about being gay and African American in the gay community. He makes a few good points, and it’s a topic I think isn’t discussed often enough.

When I came to terms with my sexuality, it took a very long time. I used to just debate with myself back and forth and I used to, I was actually angry that I was gay and I was angry at God for making me gay, there were just so many things that were going through my mind. So when I came to terms with everything, I wanted to go out and just meet guys and make friends and kind of find my place in the world, knowing that the world that I came from just wasn’t the one for me, it wasn’t accepting. Eventually I started meeting people and making friends and there was this one time I was actually just chatting with this one guy and the conversation was going great and there was definitely a really cool connection there, there were a lot of similarities and I said, “Oh, do you want to grab a drink some time?”

And he goes, “You’re really sweet, you’re really nice, but I don’t date black guys.”

He was just like, “Well, they’re just not my type.”

I was like, “Well what does that mean, you don’t like me because I’m black? That’s weird.”

That just blows my mind, that anyone could be so insensitive and stupid…and racist. And that’s partly because I did date black guys before I met Tony and the only reason I dated those guys was because I really liked them. We had a good time together.

You can read the rest here. 

Unfortunately, the comment thread devolves into more racism, however, at least it’s being discussed.

Winter F-Buddies

We all know the F stands for Fuck. I just didn’t want that coming up in a google search so I censored the title a little. It’s an article with six reasons about why we need a good fuck buddy in the wintertime. The least of which would be the obvious: to keep you warm.

Here’s one of the six:

It’s beneficial to your mental health

To the surprise of no gay man on earth, a study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science earlier this year found that people who engaged in regular casual sex reported lower stress levels and higher levels of happiness.

I know this may sound a little insensitive, but I think there’s a good deal of logic to this one. I come across a lot of vicious people online during the course of a week and I often wish they had good fuck buddies. Make them much happier online. And there’s this really good looking guy I follow on twitter who is always talking about insomnia. I just want to tell him he needs a good shtup and he’ll sleep like a baby…but of course you can’t say something like that. You can only hope and wish they figure it out on their own eventually.

Check out the rest here. What I like most about this is that it takes sex and focuses more on the emotional/mental rather than the romantic/conventional. In some cases, in real life, it’s not such a bad thing. I also think this is important for all four seasons, not just winter.

Who Is Finn Wittrock?

He’s the creepy mamma’s boy on American Horror Story: Freak Show. The one who took off his pants a few times and set twitter afire. Because white undies on older twink will do that. I actually think his acting abilities are better than his looks, but that’s subjective. However, he made a few interesting comments about the creepy character he’s playing. If you haven’t watched the show this season a good example of what his character does would be a recent scene where he murders all the yentas at a tupperware party, chops them up, and throws them into a swimming pool. And now Finn Wittrock is talking about how his character on AHS isn’t a villain and he most certainly is NOT gay.

In his own words…very amusing:

But I can never think of him as a villain. I can never think of him as evil. I just have to keep getting under his skin. But he realizes that his purpose in life is to kill. It doesn’t get more dangerous than that. Because I actually found that the killing is not out of hatred. He kind of likes the people that he kills. He wanted to be a performer, and somehow that’s transformed into murder, so he thinks of it as a performance, like he’s fulfilling his destiny.”

Not “somehow.” Ryan Murphy transformed him into a murderer as if picking it out of the sky for pure sensationalism.

Here’s the part about not being gay…

— American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s Finn Wittrock discussing murderous Dandy with Vulture and when asked if his character is gay, replies, “No, no, definitely not. He just likes girls with two heads, you know? One head’s never enough.”

And that’s who Finn Wittrock is. You can read the rest here and please don’t miss the comments.

No Ryan Murphy is just a very terrible writer, because now Dandy just comes off as joke at the expense of gay stereotypes.


It’s like Murphy changed his mind early this season from Dandy being Jeffery Dahmer to being full on Norman Bates. Ryan Murphy writes the worst gay characters on television so this doesn’t surprise me.

Ryan Murphy TV is kind of like meatloaf at a cheap campy diner. The portions are huge, it looks great at a glance, and it’s always highly exaggerated with plenty of filler. But you get sick of it sooner than you thought you would.

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