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Marco Rubio on Gay Marriage In Florida; 10 Rare Fetishes; American Horror and Gay History

Marco Rubio on Gay Marriage In Florida

I rarely get into politics here on the blog…because I’m not all that political. At least for the most part. But I do follow some things and as a gay person I think my right to an opinion is valid when it comes to gay issues. Gay marriage being one of them. I think everyone has been following the bitter debate about gay marriage in Florida and now that it’s finally legal comments from politicians like Marco Rubio are significant. They are significant now, and for the future when it’s time to vote again and Rubio is running for office. Contrary to what most people believe, I know for a fact there are more gay Republicans and Independents than we hear about in the mainstream media. And frankly, I hope these comments from Rubio come back to haunt him.

“If they wanted to change that law, they should have gone to the legislature or back to the Constitution and try to change it,’ Rubio tells Politico. ‘I don’t agree we should be trying to make those changes through the courts.’ 

He adds: ‘While I believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, while people want to change that law — and a lot of people apparently do – there is a way to do that. You go through the legislature, or you go on on the ballot, but I don’t agree the courts have the power to do this.’

This is the same weak argument others have used to stop gay people from obtaining equality and each time it’s been disputed, logically and legally, and shot down. And unless I’m mistaken each judge in each state that has struck down the ban on gay marriage has always done it because he or she claims it’s unconstitutional. SCOTUS already ruled on this a year and a half ago and that started a chain reaction to lift the marriage ban in many US states. So I’m not really sure where Rubio is going with this, except that I think he’s basically going down with the rest of those who were against freedom, equality, and gay marriage, on the wrong side of US history.

The biggest mistake Rubio has made is in not recognizing that the shift in opinion from the straight mainstream community continues to grow more toward supporting gay marriage as each day passes. And there are several reasons for this. One is that most people in the US are related to, or know, a gay person or couple. Another is that gay marriage becoming legal hasn’t changed anyone’s world in any highly significant way…except for those gay people who can legally get married now.

I think Rubio shot himself in the foot this time, especially with Independent voters.  You can read the rest here.

American Horror and Gay History

I’ve found this interesting since I started watching American Horror Story: Freak Show at the beginning of the season. The storyline is set in the 1950’s and there are gay characters that do, indeed, break the stereotypes and show people a glimpse of what gay life was like back then. In this sense, I think Ryan Murphy nailed it and my New Year’s resolution is to only focus on the positive with Murphy from now on…unless I really, really can’t help making a Glee joke.

Here’s a quote from Dennis O’Hare who stars in the show this season.

And one of the subtler applications, of course, is the way that gay people were thought of and treated. And it’s really interesting to see Dell as one expression of that, somebody who’s so deeply closeted that he actually considers hanging himself in the last episode, to someone like Stanley, who just seems to roll with it. It seems to be part of his lifestyle, which is admittedly not a healthy lifestyle; he’s a professional liar, but there is a sense in which he’s a lot more, I guess, at ease with it.

The rest is here.   

What’s even more interesting is that prior to the 1940’s there’s not much gay history out there. My book, The Men Who Loved on the Titanic, was one of the most fun projects I’ve ever done and also the most difficult. You see, during the latter days of the Edwardian era anyone considered “homosexual” (because gay wasn’t a reference) was considered sick…or a criminal.The information just wasn’t out there and I had to guess a lot.

10 Rare Fetishes

Here’s an article that lists 10 of the most unusual sexual fetishes there are. As far as I know they are accurate. Some might surprise you.

Here’s one, below. You can read the rest here.

I really don’t like to comment or judge these things. Everyone has a right to his or her own private fetish as far as I’m concerned. I just think it’s interesting. And whether you have a computer mouse fetish or a foot fetish, have fun with it.

  1. Yeastiality

    With Gluten Free living being so popular as of late, it’s hard to imagine this fetish is hanging in there. Yeastiality is a fetish that involves a sexual arousal by dough or bread. This can include any type of pastry, or baked good as well. For some, the fetish hinges on the yeast itself and are attracted to individuals that have yeast infections.