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Amazon’s New "TV Set-Top Box" for Streaming Videos

This information is so new no one’s even sure about it yet, and Amazon hasn’t verified it, but according to a Bloomberg report Amazon plans to introduce a TV set-top box. This means Amazon will be in our living rooms, too. But more than that, they are allegedly introducing a new smart phone that will compliment their line of Kindle devices as well. You can fault Amazon for many things, but never for falling asleep at the proverbial wheel.

The device will be introduced this fall, according to the story by Brad Stone, who is working on a book about the company.

Amazon’s streaming video service is currently available through a variety of devices, including television sets, Roku set-top boxes and game consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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And this is from Bloomberg.

Earlier this week it introduced 14 televisions pilots, which it financed, and it’s now monitoring customer feedback to decide which ones to produce as full series.The company has also paid to secure exclusive streaming rights to hit shows such as Downton Abbey. A set-top box would give Amazon customers another way to watch all of the company’s video content the old-fashioned way—on their TVs.

I’ve been posting about streaming TV for a while, without ever mentioning Amazon once, and all the benefits of it. In this recent post I talked about TV morning news, and why I think ratings have dropped and networks seem to be scrambling. And when I post these things I post more from the POV of consumer than media expert. I don’t think TV is going to die as a concept. But I do think we’ll be watching TV in different ways in the future, and we’ll have more choices than ever before.