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Amazon Owner Jeff Bezos Donates 10K To Anti-LGBT Republican; Guys Who Deleted Grindr; What Is A "White Gay?"

Amazon Owner Jeff Bezos Donates 10K To Anti-LGBT Republican

This one is a little difficult to figure out. It’s very out of character for Jeff Bezos.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has reportedly donated $10,000 to a notorious anti-LGBTI politician.
Bezos and his wife Mackenzie donated a combined total of $10,800 to Republican Senator Cory Gardner. 

Here’s where you can read more. It’s out of character because Bezos has always supported LGBT issues, at least from what I recall.

Guys Who Deleted Grindr

Of course I’ve said many times here that I know nothing about Grindr, so this is even more interesting. It’s about guys who’ve deleted Grindr for very specific reasons. Here’s one example:

“I found that I was checking the app with almost every spare moment I had. Sometimes I would open the app, check for new messages, close the app, and then open it right back up as if I were on autopilot. And each time I found that I didn’t have any new messages, I felt the slightest bit worse about myself.”

Here’s more.

What Is A “White Gay”

Here’s something about racism and some gay white men. There’s even a definition in Urban Dictionary.

The “Gay best friend” typically portrayed on sitcoms screaming “OH MY GOD GURL YAAAS“. An unbearable cis queen, everything they do or say has to be over-dramatic. A White Gay like a White Feminist, is not exclusively “White” or Homosexual, the only definitive traits are the endless spouting of Tumblr or urban slang and “controversial” propaganda/topics in hopes of getting attention. Most likely a twink, with no conscience of privilege or minority struggles (most likely sexist although they try to act like black women).

The article goes on to give examples of white gay men, with 22 Tweets.

Here’s the link. You should read the comments, too. A few of them bring up some excellent points.

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