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Trying to Expose "Malicious" Amazon Reviews

There is an excellent comment thread going on over at Amazon right now. I stumbled across it by accident and I couldn’t stop reading the comments.

All I can say is, WOW!

The thread begins this way, with someone asking an interesting question:

A few authors have brought an issue to my attention that, despite having nothing to do with me, caught my interest.

Many indie books, once they start selling at a steady pace and garner enough reviews, become targets for sabotage reviews. That is, reviewers who’s only apparent goal is to one star a book every time someone else gives it a favorable review.

We’ve had several threads outing authors who behave badly. Anyone want to do the detective work on exposing bad (malicious) reviewers?

You can get there from here to check it out yourselves. But once you start be prepared to let everything else go for at least an hour.

I don’t usually follow these things because I don’t have the time. But in all the years I’ve been in publishing, this is one of the most fascinating discussions I’ve ever read, hands down.