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An Interesting Take on Gays, Family, and Christmas

When I read the blog post I’m quoting and linking to below, I have to admit that I did identify with everything that was written. I think most gay people experience this, especially around the major holidays.

“The huge amount of responses I got to my last post made me wonder if queers are more likely to feel alienated from their families than straight people are. I mean, if your family doesn’t respect your queerness, this is pretty self-evident. But I know a lot of queers whose family is cool with their queerness, but they still feel alienated. Why would this be?”

My family is fine with me being openly gay…but…there’s still that unspoken “thing” that I experience, especially during the holidays. It’s not something that is done on purpose. I know this for certain. But this feeling of disconnection is why a lot of my gay friends have started their own holiday traditions with other gay friends. Many gays travel during the holidays, in order to avoid these family situations. I’ll probably do the same thing, eventually. For now, I’m happy with how well my amaryllis did this year in the photo above. They don’t always do this well.

You can read the rest of the post here.