FREE Gay Romance: Internal Desires on

FREE Gay Romance: Internal Desires on

This past weekend I posted about my gay romance, Internal Desires, having issues with Amazon. And since the KDP select exclusive with Amazon recently expired around the same time, I decided to opt out of KDP select altogether put Internal Desires up on for free until Sunday night. I also wanted to do this for those who can’t attend the Gay Rom Lit conference in Atlanta this weekend because they have full time jobs, family obligations, or kids in school. Most of us don’t have the freedom to take off. So this is sort of a consolation prize you don’t have to do anything to receive, I’m not looking for anything in return, and it’s my way of saying thanks to the readers who are always there supporting me all year long.

I also think it’s really, REALLY important to support smaller retail web sites where e-books are sold, as well as supporting small publisher web sites where e-books are sold. I have personally been a customer of for years now, and I’ve never been disappointed with the customer service or the product. If you have never shopped at allromance before and you’re getting tired of the way larger retail web sites are treating you, here’s a chance to go over there and sign up now and get a book for free without having to enter any contests or sign up for any blog hops.

I’ll be distributing Internal Desires in as many places as I can, but it’s only free at ARe right now.

Here’s the link where you can get the e-book for free until Sunday night.

Ryan Field on

Ryan Field on

Here’s another batch of e-books that just went up on I decided to release them slower on ARe because when you release back listed books…even if they are .99 e-books…you wind up taking over the entire new release page at one time and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes so to speak. So for now, this is the next small batch of five. And, for the record, none of these e-books contain any of the following elements.

Anything with pedophilia, which involves sexual situations between adults and children. We are not interested in “barely legal” situations, either.

Anything with necrophilia, which is sex with a truly dead body. If your vampires and zombies are having sex (with the living or each other), it better be lively.

Anything with bestiality, which is sex with animals. Sentient beings, including shapeshifters, centaurs, and the like must be adequately anthropomorphized.

Rape or incest. If it’s a necessary part of a story, its purpose should not be to arouse.

Dirty Little Virgin

Cowboy Mike and Buddy Boy

Cowboy Howdy

Capping the Season

Billabong Bang

I’ll post more when they go up.

FREE on Allromanceebooks for Gay Pride Week: Cherry Soda Cowboy

This week is gay pride week in New Hope.

In order to celebrate that, and to give my readers a bonus during these difficult times when gas money is more important than book money, I’m putting Cherry Soda Cowboy up on for free.

The sale will end one week from today.

Here’s the link to, and thanks again for making Cherry Soda Cowboy a bestseller!!

"Cherry Soda Cowboy" .99 E-Book on

Being that so many e-mailed me or pm-ed me on facebook about when my new .99 e-book, “Cherry Soda Cowboy,” would be up at I figured I just put this in a post of its own.

Thanks for all the comments so far, and a huge thanks to those who have purchased it already on Amazon.

Here’s the link, and I find their product information so good I’m not going to say another word. If anyone has any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Premiere Party at

There’s an interesting event happening over at right now, with a Premiere Party, where the focus is on “Reading is Sexy.” If you have a webcam it’s the perfect opportunity to connect with other readers and authors.

From my inbox:

Join us for a Video Premiere sure to convince you: Reading Is Sexy

ARe is hosting a party to celebrate the launch of a very special video and you’re invited!

Join us for the debut of, Reading is Sexy tonight, January 31st. The party will take place at at 8pm US Eastern and last approximately one hour.

Attendees will get to meet, greet and interact with authors and other readers as well as have a chance to win the many prizes we’ll be handing out during the event.
It’s happening right now as I said. Believe it or not I don’t actually have a webcam set up to do this, but this is one of my New Year’s Resolutions for 2013 and I will have one soon. Actually, this event will force me to get one because it looks like it could be fun.

We want to show the world what romance readers have always known — Reading Is Sexy.

Chase of a Lifetime Now on

“Chase of a Lifetime” is now up on

You can get there from here.

As of now, COAL is on most major web sites where e-books are sold, from Amazon to Kobo. I’m working on getting it up on TLA Gay, too, where a lot of my other short story e-books are being sold.

“Jonah Sweet of Delancey Street,” will remain only on Amazon until the three month period is over. For now, the .99 prices for both books will remain the same.

I think all the important information for “Chase of a Lifetime” is up on ARe, so I won’t repeat it here. They do an excellent job of product description.

Duel Post: A Huge Thank You, and Ravenous Romance is on TV Again

First, I’d like to thank all the readers who have helped make DOWN THE BASEMENT number six on I’m still surprised. And when I say thanks, I really mean it.

Second, will be on The Home Shopping Network again this Friday, selling the Escape to Romance Collection, at 8 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. This is exciting for everyone associated with ravenous. Even though none of my books are part of the collection, I’m supporting RR as much as I can. I’ve read the books in the collection, and I’m a huge fan of all the writers. So if you need any last minute Christmas gifts, check it out. This is the last day that HSN will guarantee shipping by Christmas Day.

Wow! I’m Surprised! — THE RAINBOW AWARDS

This has been a long week, and this post as a lot of information. I finished another novel that has to be edited next week, I wrote a short story in two nights with a fast deadline, I’ve been fighting pirates, and I’ve been working on my friend’s insurance appeal. On top of all this, I found out that a publisher I’ve worked with for a long time had his entire list of books released in digital format and I’m never going to get a single royalty payment from any of my short stories. All I received was a flat fee of $25.00. It was a sneaky way of doing business, but I learned a good lesson.

But I’m surprised! Today turned out to be a great day. I found out this morning that DOWN THE BASEMENT is number 8 on I like this story, but I didn’t think it would ever hit a best seller list anywhere. It seems as if this story never stops surprising me. And being that I love to shop over at allromanceebooks, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see it hit their list.
Update to post: And there was more good news today. The Rainbow Awards have been posted over at Elisa Rolle’s blog. So check out the titles and congratulate the winners. Elisa worked hard on this, and so did everyone else who was involved.

An Older Book Review for DOWN THE BASEMENT

When DOWN THE BASEMENT was originally published, it was in a collection of short stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Then it went on to be part of BEST GAY EROTICA 2009, a book that won a Lambda Award this year. And now it’s been published by as a stand alone e-book.

Here’s an older review, from , when the story was in the first collection:

In “Down the Basement” by Ryan Field, the narrator explains:
“One Halloween night during my senior year in college, I went to a costume party in a broken-down frat house, dressed as a character I’d been inventing for months–years, if you really want to get technical. I looked like any normal guy in college by then: short, sandy blond hair, blue eyes, white polo shirts, and khaki slacks . . Most people would never have guessed that I was gay or that I had a secret passion for lipstick, earrings and very high heels.”

The narrator is invited to descend literally into an underworld of drunken frat boys who all seem to think he is a sexually-available girl. He worries about what they will do if and when they discover the truth, but one of them already knows.

LGBT romance SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO on Best Seller List at ARE

I received an e-mail this morning that SLEEPLESS IN SAN FRANCISCO just hit number 8 on the web site. So I figured I’d post something. I’ve received tons of e-mails about this book, and almsot all (you can’t have it all 🙂 have been great.