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List of Books in the Virgin Billionaire Series in Consecutive Order

While each Virgin Billionaire book is a stand alone and it doesn’t have to be read along with any of the other Virgin Billionaire books in order to be understood, I get a lot of requests from readers about the order in which the books were written and published.

So here’s a list, in order, that should help you out.

Book 1 The Virgin Billionaire

Book 2 The Virgin Billionaire’s Wedding

Book 3 The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby

Book 4 The Virgin Billionaire: Revenge

Book 5 The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin

Book 6 The Virgin Billionaire’s Sexellent Adventure

Book 7 The Virgin Billionaire’s Dream House

Book 8 The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade

Book 9 (Soon to be published) The Virgin Billionaire: Reversal of

I’m contracted to do one more book in the series. After that, I’m honestly not sure at this point.