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Don’t Cancel All My Children: Networkfail

I read an article this morning about ABC having plans to cancel the long running soap, All My Children. You can read the article here, and I’ve posted it below for those who are too damn lazy to click (like me sometimes).

All I can say is I hope ABC rethinks this decision. Part of the reason ratings are low could be because a lot of people (like me) are watching shows like All My Children at night on soapnet. And if I can’t watch it on soapnet at night, I’ll DVR it. I don’t know if this counts as ratings, but it should. The other reason ratings might be low is because the soap industry needs a little shake-up right now. It’s tired. I always thought soaps and romance novels had many similarities. But romance novels have been evolving for the past ten years and soaps haven’t changed much in forty years. In fact, the soaps of forty years ago were often more erotic than they are today. And, frankly, I think one of the reasons people watch soaps is for the erotica and escapism, not cheese.

So ABC, you haven’t been doing well at keeping up with the times. Actually none of the three networks have been doing very well. (Why do you guys think American Idol is still so f%#king popular? There’s nothing else for people to watch.) All you have to do is look back at the Jay Leno prime time nightmare and you’ll see a perfect example of Networkfail. People want escapism and they want erotica. You’ve already got good storylines, now you need a little sex that’s tastefully done. Try giving it to them with the soaps and your ratings will soar. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a soap this year and thought, wow, that could have such a hot scene if only…

A daytime landscape without Erica Kane? Say it ain’t so! A source close to ‘All My Children’ has confirmed to TV Squad the series is in jeopardy.ABC could make an announcement regarding the fate of ‘All My Children’ as soon as today or tomorrow. Despite it being a bigger brand, the soap’s sagging ratings have put ‘AMC’ on the chopping block.If ‘AMC’ is canceled, ABC could move ‘One Life to Live’ to California.In recent weeks ‘AMC’ has delivered record lows in Nielsen ratings. According to Deadline, the soap came in last in the key demographic of women 18–49. It was seen by 463,000 viewers in that demo, down 34 percent compared to last year. The series also came in last in total viewers, grabbing 2.32 million. ‘One Life to Live’ had 2.36 million during the week of March 7.Since its debut 41 years ago, the series has been a launching ground for many stars including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amanda Seyfried. Recent Oscar-winner Melissa Leo also had a brief stint on the soap.Viewers will remember Kelly Ripa as Hayley long before she became the co-host of ‘Live! With Regis and Kelly.’ ‘AMC’ has also been home to Susan Lucci as Erica Kane, one of the most familiar faces in TV, for more than 30 years. Lucci is the only original cast member still on the series.If ‘AMC’ bites the dust, ABC could follow the lead of CBS and replace the long-running soap with a game or talk show. CBS replaced ‘As the World Turns’ with ‘The Talk’ this season, and ‘Guiding Light,’ previously the longest running drama in TV history, with ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ in 2009.Stay tuned to TV Squad for more updates ‘All My Children.’