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We finally had a chance to rent “Albert Nobbs” On Demand last night and I wanted to post something about it before I forget. I loved it. Tony had mixed reactions. He loved the acting and the characters; he didn’t love the storyline and thought the pace was too slow.

I disagreed with him completely, which often happens when we watch films or read books. I fell in love with each character and it was the fastest two hours I’ve spent in a long time. I loved the storyline, the period in which it was set, and they way the subject matter was treated. I attribute our extreme differences in opinion to the fact that I love romance and can’t get enough of it, especially a romance where there is unrequited love where the characters are facing complications over which they have no control. In this case, it was times in which these characters lived that affected them the most. In fact, I loved everything about the movie so much I downloaded the theme song in iTunes late last night.

The basic storyline was adapted from a short story by noted literary author, George Moore. It revolves around two women in the early 1900’s (it could have been late 1800’s) who figure out a way to survive by living as men. Glenn Close did a spectacular job and passed so well only a few in the film slightly suspected something more than his/her unusual behavior…a small child (kids are uncanny about these things…they can spot something “off” a mile away) and an older woman during a carriage ride. You can read more here, at imdb.

There were other noteworthy performances by supporting actors, which you can read more about here. There wasn’t one single bad performance. Jonathan Rhys Meyers had a small part, with a brief moment of what could have been considered homoerotic (nothing huge). Aaron Johnson played a good part, too, as the typical anti-hero. And Pauline Collins, whom I’ve loved since “Upstairs Downstairs” played a fairly large part that was one of her best performances.