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I just found out late last week there’s going to be a sequel to THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE. The title is going to be THE VIRGIN BILLIONAIRE’S WEDDING, the main characters will remain the same, and the little Chinese Crested is finally going to get a name of his own.

I’ll post more details later. But we’re looking for an October release date right now. It might be out sooner, though. It all depends on how the contracted books I’m working on now come along.

And, best of all, TVBW will be set, mostly, in Alaska, which is perfect timing. I’m leaving for a four day trip to Alaska myself in September and I’m going to be gathering all the little details I can. It will be a fast trip, to visit old friends from college who are getting married. But I like when these little coincidences between my work life and my personal life happen. Makes it feel as if it was meant to be.