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Alabama Chief Justice Halts Gay Marriage Licenses; Matt Bomer Busier Than Ever; Celebrity Big Brother and Homophobic Slurs In UK

Alabama Chief Justice Halts Gay Marriage Licenses

If you thought the fight for marriage was completely over, think again.

Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore resumed his fight against same-sex marriage today by ordering probate judges in the state to no longer issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
Despite a ruling last June by the US Supreme Court that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states, Moore insists that the high court ruling only affected bans in Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee and that the ban in his state remains ‘in full force and effect.’

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What amazes me is that with the SCOTUS ruling last summer nothing significant has changed for the country or heteronormative society. The only people who have experienced a huge change are gay people…because they were allowed this equal right just like everyone else.

 Here’s the good news:

The Southern Poverty Law Center characterized Moore’s order as ‘a dead letter.’
‘In no way does his administrative order supersede Judge Granade’s federal injunction prohibiting probate judges from enforcing discriminatory Alabama marriage laws,’ said SPLC Senior Staff Attorney Scott McCoy.

Matt Bomer Busier Than Ever

Here’s a story where Matt Bomer talks about how busy he’s been since he came out in 2012, and says maybe he was born at the right time.

In the current issue of Men’s Fitness, Bomer was asked about his ability now to be openly gay and to be cast in both straight and gay roles.
‘I try not to take the time to stop and think about all these zeitgeist-dependent circumstances that I really have no control over and just try and focus on the work,’ he says. ‘Maybe I was just really lucky to be born at the right time.
‘I’m really grateful for it, and I hope people will always think of me as an actor. It took a lot for me to be at this table right now.’

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But you only, mainly, hear about Matt Bomer. I can’t help wonder about the thousands of other gay guys (and women) in Hollywood and what they are experiencing right now…not to mention the gay guys (and women) who are still in the closet for very good reasons. Is Matt Bomer the exception to the rule? Is he lucky? I know several gay authors who claim it’s become even harder than ever for them to survive in publishing. If a straight author isn’t usurping their territory now and appropriating them, agents are telling them their work is “too gay.”

It’s still a complicated issue and I’m certain there are many other LGBT actors and entertainers who could add to this.

Celebrity Big Brother and Homophobic Slurs In UK

Evidently, Celebrity Big Brother is airing now in the UK and just like in the US at times, there have been allegations of homophobia recently.

Several complaints have been made to British TV watchdog over a homophobic slur on Celebrity Big Brother.
In last night’s launch show where 16 housemates entered, 165 people criticized the show for airing what former UKIP politician Winston McKenzie had to say in his entry video.
The politician, who is hoping to become London Mayor, said he would ‘cope with a homosexual in the house’ by ‘standing against a brick wall all the time’.

This sort of sensationalized speech seems to be expected on Big Brother…in any country…and I think that’s because BB is one of the last of the remaining dinosaurs of the golden age of reality TV. It’s part of the game. And you have to understand the game to understand why I just said that. I wouldn’t take it or anything that comes out of BB seriously.

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