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Ryan’s Brother Ty is Doing Better…

I just read on that Ryan’s brother, Ty, is coming out of his coma and doing much better.

If you didn’t read my earlier post about Ty, here’s a link :

Ryan is like a younger brother to me, and I was very worried this week. I’m still worried, because he’s probably not eating right (lol), but at least it’s good to know that things are getting better.
When I went through something like this with a family member a few years ago, a wonderful woman I didn’t really know very well (Jodi) would light a candle every night. It was a glass candle with an image of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. When my family member started to recover, Jodi gave me the candle and I never put it away. It’s in my kitchen, on the mantle of the fireplace, and tonight I’m going to light it again for Ty.

Let’s Give Maine a Strong Message…

I’ve never been a political activist. Actually, I’m far from being political at all. I write romance, which has nothing to do with politics. But after last week’s voting results in Maine, I can’t stop reading all the personal blog posts from the LGBT community. People were devastated. I know for a fact, after talking to friends in Maine, that LGBT residents of Maine were especially devastated.

So here’s a link that I think sends a strong message.

The link is from my friend Ryan’s blog. His partner, Kadin, wrote a smart post that I wish everyone would take very seriously.

Today is a Special Birthday…

Today is my buddy Ryan’s birthday. He blogs regularly over at, and he’s been a huge supporter of I’ve known him for about four years. I started out as a curious fan, and then fell in love with his blog and all of his posts. I’ve interviewed him and I’ve followed his life. And I’ve watched him grow better and stronger each year. He is what blogging is supposed to be about, and he puts me to shame in this respect. He’s also a really nice, smart, decent guy with a strong voice and a sense of humor that doesn’t stop. He makes me laugh, too, which if you knew me, isn’t easy to do.
He’s like a brother and a friend combined. and if I knew how to bake a cake, I’d make one for him.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ryan. I can’t be there in person today, but I can be there in spirit. I can’t cook to save my life, but I can shop for a good bakery on the web.