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Hollywood Celebrities Pose As Gay Couples

In order to show what’s being referred to as “the universality of love,” Hollywood actors like Eva Longoria are now posing as gay couples, pretending to be gay, in provocative situations.

“The celebrities that I shot are heterosexual, but it was essential to me that you would believe these imaginary couples and families they portray were real. If you couldnt identify with their love and feel it was real, then I would have failed.”

The rest of this one is here. 

I’m not going to comment on this one, at least not here in this post. There are a lot of comments that accompany this article and one guy said this:

Couldn’t find enough legit gay couples to make “real families”
This disgusts me. It mocks the LGBT community by saying “look, we can ‘play’ gay couples”
Why not celebrate the first Valentines of legalized marriage in the US by portraying real couples. Disgusting.

Of course the comments disagree. I do think the intentions were good, which is why the comments disagree, however, there are other ways to show support. It’s not that difficult. I’m also not convinced this kind of thing actually helps show this “universality” of love of which they speak. In fact, I have a feeling it hurts more than it helps. There’s that old cliche…preaching to the choir.

I also saw this being discussed on Twitter last night after I wrote the rough draft of this post, and a lot of people seem to agree with the guy who commented above. 

Ageism and Gays

This is always something that I think fascinates most people. I think it’s interesting mainly because I see (and I’ve personally known) many gay couples with considerable age differences. And those marriages/relationships last.

“It’s no surprise that our sexual culture completely excludes older gay men,” he continues, recalling a recent ageism workshop he attended at a national conference on LGBTQ equality. “One of the men in my group mentioned how gay media often presents young guys as affluent as a way to further glamorize youth. Another noted that images of beauty idols haven’t changed since he was a young man.”

I’m not sure I agree with all of this completely. I agree with most of it; just not all. They’re leaving a few things out. From what I’ve seen and experienced within the gay community all my life is that yes, sexual culture celebrates younger gay men far more than it does older gay men. That’s what you see on the surface. But it’s the established older gay men with financial security and power who run things from behind the scenes and they know how to get what they want.

And to clarify, I’m not just talking about money. I know many younger gay men with older gay men who are there because of the attraction and because of the knowledge and love, too. 

You can read the rest here. 

The comments are worth reading with this one because you’ll probably learn more from them than you will from the actual article.

Snowchallenge, Jonas and Hot Men

On a much lighter note, here’s something I saw almost all day on social media during the never ending “Blizzardgeddon,” Jonas. It’s called #snowchallege and it involves men stripping down and jumping into huge drifts of ice cold snow…good looking men.

What is the snow challenge, you might ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. You take off as much clothing as possible, squint and imagine the powdery white snowfall is actually a glistening lake, pool or river.

Then you dive in, because what is life if not a prolonged opportunity to subject yourself to harsh temperatures for the sake of a social media share?

Please, don’t answer that.

Winter Storm Jonas is quickly becoming our second favorite Jonas brother. Nick still wins top marks.

There are several videos here you might find entertaining. 


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